Cemetery Mary-Updated and On Steam!

The Cemetery Mary update + Steam release is out NOW!! You can get it on Steam, but this updated version on itch.io is the same as the copy on there! 

I mentioned it before, but within the update includes:

-New images to fill up some of the space--totaling over 60 new screens! 
-A new original song by Lua (Luaneedsleep) to play during Crowven's Good Ending!
-Characters have audio blips when speaking now! (Can be turned down or off fully using a volume slider)
-As an extra "support the dev" option, you can pay 5 bucks to receive a digital PDF file containing some extra artwork of the characters!

I also am leaving the files of the original version up for now, if for whatever reason someone might want those too(probably me)

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible! I hope you enjoy it, thank you for playing! ♡


OLD-VERS-CemeteryMary-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 287 MB
Dec 20, 2021
OLD-VERS-CemeteryMary-1.0-mac.zip 290 MB
Dec 20, 2021
OLD-VERS-CemeteryMary-1.0-pc.zip 324 MB
Dec 20, 2021
OLD-VERS-CemeteryMary-1.0-win.zip 306 MB
Dec 20, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 299 MB
Dec 20, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-mac.zip 303 MB
Dec 20, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-pc.zip 337 MB
Dec 20, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-win.zip 319 MB
Dec 20, 2021
Cemetery Mary-Bonus Digital Art-CONTAINS SPOILERS.pdf 3 MB
Dec 20, 2021

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