We're coming to Steam soon!+BIG update on the way!

Hello everyone--exciting news! Though if you've been following me on Twitter and Instagram (Check 'em here: https://arcadekitten.carrd.co/ ) you already know what it is!

Cemetery Mary is coming to Steam soon!

A BIG thank you to everyone who has supported my games and enabled and encouraged me to put one on Steam! Cemetery Mary is my largest project and (probably clearly) one of my favorites, so I'm excited to expand it to an even bigger audience! 

If you'd like to help support me, wishlist it on steam HERE!: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1801230/Cemetery_Mary/

If you can't download it through Steam though, there's no worries! Since the Steam copy is going to be free still, the itch.io copy will be receiving a free update as well the same day the Steam copy comes out!

(Planned for December 29th, Reginald's birthday!)

Within the update includes:

-New images to fill up some of the space--totaling over 60 new screens! 
-A new original song by Lua (Luaneedsleep) to play during Crowven's Good Ending!
-Characters have audio blips when speaking now! (Can be turned down or off fully using a volume slider)
-As an extra "support the dev" option, you can pay 5 bucks to receive a digital PDF file containing some extra artwork of the characters!

It isn't SUPER  a lot, but I'm happy with it, and excited for everyone else to be able to see it too!

Thank you so much for all your support! I hope you'll wishlist it on Steam and tell all your friends about it, too!✰

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Not only will I wishlist it, I’ll also download lmao (assuming it’ll be free) but in all seriousness, super proud of ya. May not seem like much but in the world of gaming, making it to a platform like Steam is pretty poggers

This is very pog! def looking forward to it!