Music Fix (and other stuff)

Slight update to the game's music! Even though I had double checked all the music used in the game, one song has consistently come up with copyright errors for those who try to record it. I decided it best to remove the song. I replaced it with a similar sounding song already used a few times within the game, which doesn't come up with that same problem! 

That being said, and a few of you may know already, I am planning to release Cemetery Mary for Steam soon! I'm aiming for sometime around late December. And if possible, I may have more musical assets for that release (we'll see!) No story changes are planned, but I'm hoping to add/fix a few images to the Steam version and potentially have a digital PDF artbook to go along with it--so be on the look out for that!

Thank you for supporting me and thank you for playing!


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Oct 26, 2021

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ooo what song was it???

I believe it was "Sad Heaven Piano #3" by PSOVOD on Freesound. Even though the work is listed under an Attribution License, it seems that every time it's used in someone's recordings it comes up with a copyright notice. It's just easier to remove it, but it's a shame as it was such a pretty song!