Twyla Update-Fixing a Continuity Error

Don't you just love when you publish a game and then over a year later realize there might be a continuity error? Well, it's been fixed now!

Your saves should be fine, but if you encounter any difficulty, let me know!

If you'd like to know what the error was, read below.


In Twyla's good ending, Twyla will talk about the time she pushed Mary into going to Reginald's apartment. Although difficult, it is not impossible for someone to achieve her good ending without having unlocked this event. Because of that, Twyla could be referring to an event the player never experienced in their playthrough.

Some of Twyla's lines in this ending have been edited depending on if you went through this event or not. If you have, her lines are the same. If you haven't, Twyla will discuss how she went to the apartment building by herself after Mary ditched her.

Thank you again for playing and supporting me!


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Aug 22, 2021

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