Good End/True End Guides (SPOILERS!)

The following is a list of guides for getting the Good Endings/True Ending in Cemetery Mary. Please be aware that reading these guides will give you spoilers. Not all of the correct choices are needed to get a good ending, but you need ~70% of the correct choices to get a good ending. Aside from a few different scenes, the True Ending is the same regardless of the route that you achieved it on.

For Twyla’s Good Ending:

  1. When meeting Twyla at the cafe, stay quiet all three times you are given the option.
  2. When in front of the bookstore, tell Twyla that she has a point.
  3. Do NOT become friends with the bookstore owner. The easiest way to do this is by spamming the first option until the bookstore scene is over.
  4. Agree with Twyla that it was right to steal from the bookstore owner by saying “I suppose”.
  5. Lie each time you are able to during Twyla’s interrogation scene.
  6. When Twyla asks for your address, tell her you will be at the cemetery.
  7. When caught by the nurse in the retirement home, do NOT call Twyla over.
  8. Ask Ed how his wife died.
  9. When Twyla talks about the antifreeze sample, simply ask “Analysis”?
  10. When looking for antifreeze in the store, say that “It has to be here”.
  11. Tell Twyla she has a good point when she suspects Reginald over the phone.
  12. When deciding on a ghost to talk to, choose the girl.
  13. Tell the mystery number that you think Twyla is a good person.
  14. Go with Twyla to the hardware store.
  15. Tell Reginald that you are building a birdhouse.
  16. Tell Reginald you do not have experience with rodents.
  17. Pretend to talk to ghosts during Twyla’s family dinner.
  18. A broken column headstone represents life cut short.

For Reginald’s Good Ending:

  1. When meeting Reginald, be honest about the kind of book that you want.
  2. When shopping with Reginald, buy him ONLY the tools he asked for--no more and no less. The correct choices are antifreeze, an axe, rat poison, and measuring tape. 
  3. Ask Reginald why he bought an axe at the cash register.
  4. After the coffin incident, ask Reginald “Are you sure?” over the phone.
  5. Call yourself Reginald’s girlfriend at the funeral service.
  6. When Mary tells Reginald she’s feeling sick, ask to lie down at his place.
  7. When Mary is feeling sick at home, tell Crowven it’s okay for him to leave.
  8. When talking to the priest at church, ask if someone is trying to contact you.
  9. When confronted by Twyla, ask her to “please don’t yell”.
  10. When Mary runs into the alleyway, you need Reginald to show up with an umbrella. There are multiple answer choices that can accomplish this, but one way is by telling Reginald that it is your fault, but asking him to “please don’t” talk to Twyla about it.
  11. When Reginald contacts you after the library scene, ask Reginald if he thinks you are weird.
  12. During the restaurant scene, tell Reginald “I’ve always lived here”.
  13. During the car scene, ask Reginald if he doesn’t like living in Blackwood.
  14. When Reginald asks what your favorite part of the aquarium was, tell him that you liked either the manta ray or the puffer fish.
  15. Say that being called Cemetery Mary is better than nothing.
  16. Call Reginald your best friend.
  17. When watching TV at Reginald’s place, tell Reginald that you want to watch the mystery, horror, or romantic comedy.

For Crowven’s Good Ending:

  1. At the beginning of the game, go straight to bed instead of attempting conversation with Crowven at the fireplace.
  2. You have to beat Crowven at the arcade machine. You can accomplish this by clicking the bottom option, top option, and bottom option in that order.
  3. When meeting Crowven’s friends, tell them that you’ve heard great things about them.
  4. When Crowven says he has a plan to get in the club, answer “If you say so.”
  5. When in the bathroom, say that Crowven “doesn’t mean it”.
  6. When meeting Twyla in the bathroom, decline her offer to go to the VIP area.
  7. When Crowven asks if you were bothered by the “Scary Mary” comments, say yes.
  8. Agree to go to the haunted house with Crowven’s friends.
  9. When Reginald takes Mary out for coffee, attempt to walk away.
  10. At Theo’s funeral, remain silent.
  11. When talking to Theo, ask him “What do you remember happening before this?”
  12. When confronted by Twyla, tell her that you “are not cut out for this”.
  13. When speaking with Zapara in the cemetery, tell her that “Theo would’ve wanted her here”.
  14. When talking with Crowven in his room, tell him “Everything sucks”.
  15. When talking with Crowven in his room, tell him “How can I help?”
  16. When talking with Crowven in his room, tell him “I want to help”.
  17. When talking with Crowven in his room, tell him “It gets better”.
  18. When choosing a friend to sleep over with, choose Reginald. Choosing Twyla may deduct points.

These next guides will tell you how to get the True Ending on each individual route. Please note that in order to see the True Ending, you MUST go through the good or bad ending of your respective route first. Once the end card has faded, you will know if you received the True Ending when the game does not say “Congratulations!", and continues on.

In the main script:

  1. Ask the Mystery Number who they are the first time.
  2. Ask the Mystery Number who they are the second time.
  3. When you find a stranger in the diner, call the Mystery Number before calling anyone else.
  4. When you are at the movie theater, call the Mystery Number before calling anyone else.

To get the True Ending in Twyla’s route:

  1. Ask the Mystery Number to tell who they are.
  2. Become friends with the bookstore owner. You can do this by telling the bookstore owner that you "Just wanted to say hi!"
  3. When meeting Twyla’s Uncle, stay silent.
  4. Do not pretend to be Ed’s granddaughter.
  5. Tell the Mystery Number “There was an emergency” after the retirement home scene.
  6. Ask the Mystery Number if they believe in ghosts.
  7. Tell the Mystery Number “Good night”.
  8. Ask the Mystery Number “And will I see you?”.

To get the True Ending in Reginald’s route:

  1. When the Mystery Number says they shouldn’t talk about what they do, ask “Why not?”.
  2. Ask the Mystery Number if they are trapped.
  3. Tell the Mystery Number you are scared they will stop responding.
  4. When the Mystery Number says to take care of yourself, say “I will”.
  5. Ask the Mystery Number “Are you still coming for me?”.
  6. Ask the Mystery Number if they were caught in the rain.
  7. Ask the Mystery Number why they chose to come after you.
  8. Ask the Mystery Number how you can trust someone like them.
  9. Watch the murder mystery movie at Reginald’s.
  10. If you’ve unlocked Reginald’s good ending, you must DUCK during the quick time event.

To get the True Ending in Crowven’s route:

  1. Ask the Mystery Number “Who are you?”.
  2. Ask the Mystery Number “Is it because you’re scared?”.
  3. When arguing with Theo in the cemetery, say that “there’s families here!”.
  4. Tell the Mystery Number that things have been harder than normal.
  5. Ask the Mystery Number “Do you know who I’m with?”.
  6. Ask the Mystery Number how they felt losing someone.
  7. Ask the Mystery Number how they can make things better.
  8. Watch the murder mystery movie whilst staying at Reginald’s.

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this game is honestly so amazing,  I recommend this game to anybody who's bored, There's so many different things to do in this game and just wow. Like this game is beautiful and I could play it over and over.

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Wait, I got it in Reginald's route with these choices: 

I want to

Are you trapped

I'm scared I'll never hear about my parents again

I will

(I forgot which for this) They're still okay right or Are you still coming for me

You weren't doing anything weird were you

Why do bad things always happen to me

I want things to go back to normal

Watched horror movie

I missed the "Duck"

So everything opposite from the guide except for "Are you trapped" and "I will"

I'm wondering what happened to Reginald during the true ending. Firstly, did he just choose not to speak or was he unable to speak at all? Secondly, what happened to him? Maybe one day I'll find the answer to these questions.


Thanks I really needed the help


This game is a masterpiece. The story and character development is so good. Its so good its given me my most hated fictional character(Twyla). Ive never hated a fictional character enough to go "FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU" but this one took care of that.

Awesome job,Arcadekitten.This game is really good. I have almost every ending and am about to get the true ending tomorrow.

how do i get bad end

Deleted 2 years ago

choose all the different options for the good ending



I love this game! Ty for the guides. Me and my friend have been playing the game together trying to get all the routes, and it would be really hard if we didn't have a guide to follow for the good ending (well we played each character's route to see what ending we got and then used the guide for the other ending). My friend already played almost every ending (though they missed Twyla's bad ending) so it must've been fun hearing me make silly guesses and theories! I still have many many questions. However, I did come up with a theory regarding Mary...

(spoilers for twyla's/reginald's routes)

So obviously I don't know if it's correct, but ever since I saw Mary communicating with ghosts I wondered how that would be possible. The thought that came to my mind was: Mary is a half-ghost. I don't know if this is too far-fetched, but the fact that she can communicate with ghosts while also appearing human and talking to other humans just makes it seem possible to me! The other thing I have that kind of point to this is how Mary gets out of the ropes in Twyla's good ending and Reginald's good ending. Obviously, this shouldn't be possible for a normal person, so I thought that momentarily she shifted into her ghost mode? With all of the supernatural things happening in Reginald's route, I feel like this could be possible. My only guess for all the supernatural things happening there is that a ghost is trying to communicate to her or something, I dunno.

Honestly what I'm about to talk about next were my theories/crack theories while playing the game. Also just some of my experience playing the game.

- During Twyla's route, I thought that the Blackwood murderer created the substance themself, it made sense to me since there wasn't anything close to what Twyla described when Mary was searching the shelves in the store and they couldn't find it. Even if it was something that was really old or new, they should've been able to find something. So yeah.

- "Who knows, maybe Twyla's the Blackwood murderer" 

- My first route was Reginald's, but I regret it IMMEDIATELY. He gave off so many red flags. It's kind of funny though because the whole route I was making jokes about how he was either about to murder her or about them dating. Polar opposites I would say...

- Um...I don't regret this one. "I bet Crowven hates Twyla because she dumped him." Yes, I made a joke similar to this whenever Crowven was angry about Twyla. It was funny seeing a scene where Crowven confirmed that she wasn't his ex, because immediately after I changed up my crack theory to "He hates her because she said no when he asked her out."

- I also made a crack theory of Twyla being Reginald's and Crowven's ex, which is why she knew the two of them. And one where Crowvyn was Twyla's ex and she cheated on him with Reginald. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I wrote a lot- idk if you'll read this but if you do, thanks for your amazing game! It was a great experience. I had a lot of fun making silly jokes and theories. Looking forward to your future projects!

Oh my goodness, I just ADORED reading through this all! :'D This was such a delight to read, and being able to see all your thoughts makes me so happy!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much, thank you so much!
And your incredibly interesting! I can't confirm or deny anything yet, but I absolutely LOVE to see what you think! Maybe you can learn more about them in future projects! Thank you so much again, this made my whole night to see! <3

i want to get the reginald true ending but it says i have to get good ending as well? do i do the reginald good and then true ending in same file?


Yes! You can't access the true ending until you pass the end card of whatever route you're on. Even if you've seen the ending before, you have to pass the end card before you can get the prompt for the true ending.

So for example, if you want to get the true ending on Reginald's route, you would play through his route as normal, all the way until the end. Then, once the end card that says "Good End" or "Bad End" has faded, you should be met with a choice prompt that asks if you want to see the True Ending.

You can get the True Ending with either a Good End or a Bad End, but you have to play through that ending first. I hope this helps! 

thank you because i was confused!


Soooo, my crazy theory is that Reginald is kind of meta-aware - considering how he comments on experiencing things many times over, the way he always conveniently shows up just at the right time and that he understands Mary with her mouth taped (or not Mary, but the player directly??), I'm thinking that he somehow knows different routes of the game and has experienced them many times. Maybe that's why he's a little insane and doesn't care about dying/killing people. 

But that doesn't really explain the eye/symbol thing. When you bring it up with him, he gets worried, and tells Mary not to think about it if she doesn't want to end up like him, so I'm guessing that... thing is what gave him the awareness/route-skipping power. But then, why does he say not to worry about it? Wasn't it Reginald who left the symbol and the note inside the manga for Mary to find? Also this force seems to have its own agenda, even working against Reginald, breaking the rope when Mary was tied up at Reginald's house. Why would it interfere? Just for fun?

Also, who the heck was in that coffin at the church? Were they buried below that gravestone with the symbols on it? How are they connected to Reginald?

So many questions, so little answers...


Oh I just adore reading your thoughts! Of course, you already know that I can't confirm or deny anything given as I will be continuing their adventures in the future--but still! I love hearing your questions and interpretations of what may be going on behind the scenes... Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I hope I'll be able to (eventually) answer these questions in a way that's both satisfying and entertaining to watch unfold! : ) 

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does it mean that events of "Here for sweethearts" are continuation of Cemetery Mary? Or is it some kind of parallel world?


Heya! I have a question, I'm trying to get back to Reginald's good ending since I wasn't able to properly complete the quick time event. However, even though I've chosen to see Reginald at the cemetery and call him over to the restaurant, I keep getting Crowven. Is there any way for me to get back to Reginald's route?


Hello hello! Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Here's a few things you can try to get back on his route when you're struggling!
-Meet with him in the cemetery
-Tell him Crowven is your cousin when you do!

-Tell Crowven you'll pick up something while you're out when you leave that one morning!

-Think about the married couple that came in to the diner when Mary is reminiscing
-Call Reginald in the diner!

Those choices together should get you back on Reginald's route. Hope that helps!!

Thank you so much! :)


I loved the true ending it was like a whole additonal story so awesome!! Just one thing I didnt understand.   I wish I could private message and ask so no spoilers..

Possible Spoiler ahead

Maybe I didn't play the good end for Reginald properly but who/what is Reginald and what was the deal with the symbols, purple icons/spaces, the tombstone, and black ooze? I feel like I missed a huge part and I don't know what I did wrong.


As far as I understand, *spoilers ahead!*

you know the book? I personally think it was cursed because she started seeing things after she accidentally burned it. I honestly don't know though! This is a possible theory, but let your imagination go crazy! You never know what you might think of...


Yay!! thank you so much *hugs*