Minor Update-Coding Changes

Hello everyone! A minor update after a long time and feeling confident enough to implement it. Here are the small changes that were made!

-Cleaned up some code and condensed together scenes that happened in multiple routes--so text you've seen before in another route should now be skippable. This may affect saves, so please be aware if attempting to go back to old saves. Crashes may occur, but new games started from the beginning should work fine. 

-In the Quick Menu below the textbox: Removed Quick-Load button, added a normal Load button.  Also made it so that quick menu buttons change color when you're hovering over them, so it's easier to see what's selected. 

 -Some minor image adjustments, but no new images have been added. Just fixes to remove errors/color correct/etc.

Thanks for playing! If you encounter any issues(aside from old saves crashing) let me know!


CemeteryMary-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 287 MB
Oct 19, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-mac.zip 290 MB
Oct 19, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-pc.zip 324 MB
Oct 19, 2021
CemeteryMary-1.0-win.zip 306 MB
Oct 19, 2021

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