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AAAAAAAA didn't think this game would resonate with me so much!! Absolutely loved the lore and how the dynamics were depicted!! I love Ryo and his family sm <3

i cried while playing this i have to admit. i loveryo. i love ryo and his dads dynamic i SOBBED everytime i witness ryo i think d'awwwlookaththenbabayyehheh. the storytelling in this is so scrumptious i would totally play this again and again and again. note : i miss venna

This game is so scary and sad but I love it

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This probably will never be answered, but by any chance do you have a free, accessible discord server? I’d love to create fanart and interact with the Crowscare community. 😁

P.S if not, may I start one? I’m such a huge fan of the game πŸ˜…

I refuse to make any official discord servers, but there are various fanmade discord servers centered around all my games. I don't touch any of them though so I can't vouch for the communities there.

Fair enough haha.

This game shares universe with INMIMB and Tricks N Treats or are they alternate versions of the characters?


yo EVERYONE this game is just its not me its my basemeant my basemeant but reskin


1. No it isn't

2. I made both games? 

bro is so confused that the developer had to respond to clarify that he made both games


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Great game! I just cant figure out how to pry open the crate. Still an amazing game I'm just trying to gather insight on the what is needed and where it is

Edit: nvm I watched a walk-through and figured it out :D


I'm the Joker, Baby.  🀑

so idk if the game works on my mac because i got it followed the instructions and the game started but than everything went pitch black multiple times while the music was still playing than it was crashing over and over again i didnt get further than the first sentence, so the game opens goes pitch black within seconds and crashes please help i rly wanna play this :')

Tried to open this up on mac, and it didn't work, even following the instructions. Is there a way to counter act that and open the game up?

Popped in from ghostlydarii's stream, this is such a wonderful experience!! Thank you so much for making this creepy-cute game! 

ima make a video with me playing it


This game is SO good, but I'll admit I was stupid and had to do some research to understand what was missing for me to get the true ending lol

I loved seeing Embry again (even more with the Doctor and her mother alive) her interaction with Ryo was so cute. And the ending with Ingram made me melt, even though Ingram looked like Jeff the Killer himself lmao

I've downloaded almost all your games, I'm playing slowly cuz of time, but I'm loving it <3

loved this game and the character's personalities and the looks, especially ryo's two :)

Will there be a French version?

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It's wondeful game! And autor made a grate improve in his skills, game about basement was average, but this one is amazing! The art, the gameplay, and like an writer I especially love the story, it's logic, twists,  psychological images of characters and objects, relationship between characters. Thank you for you game, you made something beatiful!

P.S. Sorry for my awful English :D


ryo is such a cutie patootie


jpfodmorwfm BEST GAME EVER


Just came from Shinri's stream. Thank you so much for giving permission for him to play your games on stream, for hanging out with us, and for making the lovely games in the first place! I adore this one so much especially. Going to get all my friends to play it when I can. : 3


i dont know what it is but ive never been a fan of these types of games but this one is way different. It gives me a feeling of wanting to come back and play it over and over again even though ive already beaten it entirely finding the good ending and both bad ones. I really really like this game and wanna find more like it anybody got suggestions? (please make more games like its arcadekitten)

its an amazing game, each final gave me a different feeling, the art is beautiful, idk, i just love it, your games in general

nice pfp

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really cool game! i had to split it into 2 parts cus i wanted the vids to be less than an hour, but i really enjoyed this game



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your games are so cut.e


hi so I need some help. I'm on a mac and i followed the steps where i opened the nwjs files but i dont know what to do from there because it just looks like a bunch of code stuff. Unless this all means it just doesn't work on my device??

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Is "it's not me it's my basement" and "crowscare" are going to be on android soon?


Do you mind sharing what software you use to make these :D

Also I might have cried when um...I don't want to say any spoilers.

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What a magnificently cute game!  I loved the story, and the gameplay as a whole.  The designs and art are amazingly adorable.  Loved it!

Crowscare | Indie Horror RPG | Full Playthrough | All Endings

I played Tricks N Treats two years ago and it didn't hit me that you were the same creator until I slowly recognized the characters lol. Enjoyed this game.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Arcade kitten Your games are the best!! Thank you for giving us a little bit of Dr. D. Light!! I loved Ryo, everything was just WOW, AMAZING!! Keep up the good work, but most importantly take care of yourself!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

This game had me at the edge of my seat the whole time, and the walkthrough was very helpful thank you.

You once again created a masterpiece!! 

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! πŸ‘

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When I saw Embry I freaked out cause I love her so much! 

I did the same but with Doc.D

I have played about 25 minutes and i love this game. Can't wait to finish it and i had some interesting surprises with embry and others.


Love to play this game. Suggest me some italian boys name from this website Babies name

Welp got a bad ending 2 but i really enjoyed playing it , the game has such a nice halloween atmosphere and the characters are so well made , good job with the game :)


I just found this game and I am so happy I did! it is adorable and actually made me tear up! One of my top favorite games now XD I recorded a 3 part let's play of my first experience 

hey, could you do a translation to brazilian portuguese


i really like this dev they made really good games


i love the story


Dont mind me just breaking down the door of the comments to ask you to do like a sequel or an update. I want more endings, or something else. this is my favorite game. I love it but its short I'd like a longer ending. Or more. I love this game but it went by too fast

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yeah. and i beat bad ending #2 in 3:30. 3 MINUTES 30 SECONDS. no glitches. ALL LEGIT

all hail the (skip) button.

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