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its an amazing game, each final gave me a different feeling, the art is beautiful, idk, i just love it, your games in general

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really cool game! i had to split it into 2 parts cus i wanted the vids to be less than an hour, but i really enjoyed this game


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your games are so cut.e

hi so I need some help. I'm on a mac and i followed the steps where i opened the nwjs files but i dont know what to do from there because it just looks like a bunch of code stuff. Unless this all means it just doesn't work on my device??

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Is "it's not me it's my basement" and "crowscare" are going to be on android soon?

Do you mind sharing what software you use to make these :D

Also I might have cried when um...I don't want to say any spoilers.

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What a magnificently cute game!  I loved the story, and the gameplay as a whole.  The designs and art are amazingly adorable.  Loved it!

Crowscare | Indie Horror RPG | Full Playthrough | All Endings

I played Tricks N Treats two years ago and it didn't hit me that you were the same creator until I slowly recognized the characters lol. Enjoyed this game.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Arcade kitten Your games are the best!! Thank you for giving us a little bit of Dr. D. Light!! I loved Ryo, everything was just WOW, AMAZING!! Keep up the good work, but most importantly take care of yourself!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

This game had me at the edge of my seat the whole time, and the walkthrough was very helpful thank you.

You once again created a masterpiece!! 

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! πŸ‘

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When I saw Embry I freaked out cause I love her so much! 

I have played about 25 minutes and i love this game. Can't wait to finish it and i had some interesting surprises with embry and others.


Love to play this game. Suggest me some italian boys name from this website Babies name

Welp got a bad ending 2 but i really enjoyed playing it , the game has such a nice halloween atmosphere and the characters are so well made , good job with the game :)


I just found this game and I am so happy I did! it is adorable and actually made me tear up! One of my top favorite games now XD I recorded a 3 part let's play of my first experience 

hey, could you do a translation to brazilian portuguese

i really like this dev they made really good games

i love the story


Dont mind me just breaking down the door of the comments to ask you to do like a sequel or an update. I want more endings, or something else. this is my favorite game. I love it but its short I'd like a longer ending. Or more. I love this game but it went by too fast

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yeah. and i beat bad ending #2 in 3:30. 3 MINUTES 30 SECONDS. no glitches. ALL LEGIT

I love this game very much!!!Very creative!
Ryo is so cute!(*Β΄βˆ€`)~β™₯


this is 100% my absolute favorite game, or at least my second favorite. can't wait for more games <3

ive done everything except open the red door, can someone help how am i supposed to open it ive opened literally everything else! i love ur games so much and its really nice to finally be able to play them again now that schools over!


Man this game is so comfy. Still haven't finished it yet (Im at the part where u are visiting the witch for the first time) but I can tell alot of the dev's soul was put into this game. I'd say you got yourself a new fan acadekitten


I've seen things of Ryo's Dad being called Rune but some people say it's a fannon name so I'm confused.

The game was amazing and I love Ryo, Ingram, and Ryo's dad!


Rune is 100% his name! I'm happy you enjoy the game! <3


You're welcome! Also thx for clearing up the name confusion! (Im extremely exited to see him in Blackout hospital)



idk how to install it on linux


i played thru all the endings n when i got true n the harvest bad one, i knew how to get the other bad one and honestly :'[ thats the worst n saddest ending ive seen, it was wholesome in a way, too. i reallyreally really love all of ur games, i constantly talk abt them whenever i remember them again :D but yeah def recommend


the starting title or wdym? i decrypted all of the imgs so if this isnt it, then just tell me :D

the daytime bgm 

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Really cool game,multiple endings (that hard to do all) first time playing i have 1 hour to make 1 ending lol. 9/10

ur games are now my newest addiction


Lovely game with great artwork and it is so nice that there is a horror rpg maker/visual novel game which truly feels like it has a happy ending. The endings were easy to get as long as you paid attention, and it was adorable seeing the relationship between Ryo and his family.

I am curious what is with the other scarecrow on the farm, at first it felt like there was something darker going on with it, though not sure if in the end it was just an ordinary scarecrow.

Really lovely game and is worth the play to see all of the endings.

This game was so much fun! The story and gameplay were really enjoyable, and the characters were amazing! I love all of the characters in the games by arcadekitten, so being able to see Embry and Necrotary again was such a treat, and it was also really nice to get to know Ryo and to meet Ingram. I really hope that they will be in more games. They have definitely become one of my favourite characters, along with Crowven, Ovidius and Theo of course!


I love this game! I recommend you play itπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

But like for the people who are putting the ingredients for the potion, this is the order: Thistle, Browncap, Hemilock Root, Brimstone, Cobweb, Waterlily

Note: I got curious so I looked up the meaning of every character's name and I found them interesting so I decided to share them.

Ingram: Raven of Peace; Raven (you can't tell me this one was an accident) (source:

Rune: Secret (hiding something?)  (source: )

Ryo: Exceed, Survive, Excel (source:,means%2... )

Venna: Butterfly (source: )

i love the game but now im crying since it was so good ;C

so i just completed 2 ending but how to get the true endings

cool game :D 10/10

I would like to see Hayley return in a sequel, and in fact, all future games. Not just by you, all games published by anyone.

Also I only just got the pun.

This was an awesome game, 8.4/10

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