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This is a horror game and may not be suitable for all audiences. Be advised. 


"Mom and Dad are away. But you're old enough to take care of yourself now, aren't you? You'll be fine, there's no need to worry. You're more than capable of keeping everything under control...right?"

It's Not Me, It's My Basement is a short horror game following a nonbinary child and their daily life. It takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to complete. There is only one ending.

Should appear in your files as "INMIMB".


MAC USERS: This game may not work on all Macs. When opening the game, do NOT click on the "Game" application. Instead, follow these steps:
  • Go into the folder "INMIMB".
  • Go into the folder "Game.app"
  • Go into the folder "Contents"
  • Go into the folder "MacOS"
  • Open the file labeled "nwjs"
Opening the game this way will allow you to safely use the menu and cancel commands. Opening the game from the application labeled "Game" will make it so that you cannot exit out of a menu that's been opened. 

Check me out on patreon to keep supporting my work!: https://patreon.com/arcadekitten


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

INMIMB-Windows.zip 172 MB
INMIMB-Mac.zip 308 MB
INMIMB-Linux.zip 215 MB
INMIMB-RUSSIAN-Windows.zip 110 MB
INMIMB_Spanish-Windows.zip 203 MB
INMIMB-ITALIAN-Windows.zip 168 MB
INMIMB-TURKISH-Windows.zip 172 MB
INMIMB-THAI-Windows.zip 172 MB
INMIMB-SLOVENE-Windows.zip 185 MB
INMIMB-KOREAN-Windows.zip 172 MB
INMIMB-POLISH-Windows.zip 172 MB
INMIMB-FRENCH-Windows.zip 172 MB

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hey you can kind of clip out of bounds if you walk right walking down the staircase, I did this on complete accident so

edit: you can replicate th glitch, at the top of the stairs if you click the entrance to the kitchen it tries to go AROUND the wall and clips you out of bounds

everyone go play arcade's other games aswell

this game started EVERYTHING for me. when i witnessed that kubzscouts played this i was in shell shock i was in love with this game then i found your other games and went down the spiral... inmimb its its is is is is its amazing i feel sympathy for embry, theyre such a mood

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This game made me feel so many things I was not ready to feel today. It was so sweet but so sad! I love the storytelling! Keep Shining!

Thank you thank you for this game I had so much fun and here is my gameplay 

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/// СПОЙЛЕРЫ ///
А какой по итогу сюжет?
Чел с ума сошёл, грохнул родителей и упёк трупы в подвал? И он придумал себе оправдание, что они в монстров превратились?
Если это так, то как бы мда...

how do you play?

(1 edit)

HOLA! si a este juego le pudiese dar calificación, sería un 10/10 :D

PD: pobre doctor... ojalá poder evitar su muerte :c


Этот мужчина клоун такой классный, он мне так понравился, но !!!СПОЙЛЕР так жалко его было в конце😭

sin duda alguna una de mis historias favoritas hechas con este motor de videojuego, me atrajo mucho

even though im not a scaredy cat, this game gave me chills. quite small but overall interesting! i wonder if the kid is the monster, and how could they kill their parents? and why? i guess we'll never know hahha


this game IS AMAZING!!!!!!

i wish more people knew it :((



The story was really good and the open ended ending makes you think was it all real.

Honestly, I didn't play the game and all... but it was so fun watching Jay (Kubz scouts) play it. But it can't change the fact the game still made me cry, I felt sooo bad for the poor doctor who really want to help. Also my brother and I were wondering did she push him (The doctor) or did he slip?

(1 edit)

A short but intriguing game! At the end, I felt really bad for the doctor and Embry herself. If a continuation is planned, I'll eagerly await it! Thank you ArcadeKitten!

This was the first arcadekitten's game I've ever played, when I finished this game I HAD to know who created it. It is such a unique game, I love it!

(1 edit)

I loved this game even coming back to play it again after so long. The art is super cute and I can't help but love it. The characters are funny and I wish I could see more of them. I wish there was more of this game so I could learn more about the world and what's going on. I fall in love with this game every time I see it


This misguided child deserves whatever happens to "them."


bro what


Next time they shouldn’t add the unnecessary detail of their gender. Nobody cares, it doesn’t enhance the experience.


The only time Embry's gender is even mentioned is in the description of the game, not the game itself. It might not be important to you, but it is important to other people. If you find it an unnecessary detail then that just means it's not one put there for you, and that's okay. It's still one that's allowed to exist. 


Who could it possibly be important to lil bro 💀

(1 edit) (+4)

if nobody cares then why are you whining about it unlike everyone else just enjoying the game, funny enough i thought embry used she her when i started playing the game blind, even if i did later find out. I'm saying that it wasn't even pushed into ur face or smth !!! just leave it be man you're everything you're insisting not to be


I’m not whining, I just like to anger people. :3


clearly you cared enough to make that comment


Omg they just like me fr

i was on a journey of nostalgia through y8 games until i came across this game, searched it up and was glad to find the original here! i love the vibes and its just pure flashbacks to the jrpg horrors, and i love that it isnt like jumpscarey or anything but jus vibes. only thing is the ending is really confusing and im not sure on what to interpret from this...

anyways, keep making more!!

 lots of love xx

Cool game with a spooky ambience; I also really liked the slight weirdcore vibes. Sensing some potential symbolism/undertones within the story itself but I'm not quite sure what they are. despite having my guesses. One thing I would say, is that I wish the ending wasn't so abrupt; it left me rather confused. That being said, though, the art and character designs are just ADORABLE too


I'm being Embry for Hallowe'en :D

I had a lot of fun following Embry's daily life and finding out more about them! Its a fun little game and the story is really interesting! I just wish there was more to the story like a prequel or a sequel. Otherwise great job!

I love this game and hope that there is more to it like a prequel because a lot of things are left to theories and speculation. I love this game and i played it so many time because i am currently trying to discover some lore for a video. Love the creator love this game and love yall.


how do u play since like i am on an windows and it just also saws me just the flies so-- SOME HELP PLSSS-

help me please TvT so I have a mac so I followed the instructions that were given to those who have macs and when I opened the file nwjs all it did was show me some coding? And now I don't know what to do from here, please I really want to play this game, it looks really good :,)


I did but it said that it couldn't be opened. When I follow the instructions about how you open the folder contents and go to the instructed place to go, again, it only shows me a bunch of coding that I don't know what to do with.



my tiktok fans have been wanting me to play this!

Absolutely incredible game!

I can't express how amazing this is and could quite easily be one of the best itch.io games I've played. Everything from the art, to the storytelling, I was hooked 2 minutes in. I have to say I didn't expect it to be much, another one of those meh games. Definitely not. Highly recommend with every fibre of my being. Thank you so much and I hope for a sequel soon!

Keep up the amazing work <3

Very interesting game! The dialogue, atmosphere, and overall storyline of this were very well produced and had me absolutely hooked in the game till the very end. I love that there's different routes you can explore and hope to check all of them out! Keep creating amazing work :)

Это шедевр

I really liked this game,it was fairly tense overall and the endings were so interessing,specially since depending of the route you go the meaning at the end of each one could be interpretated very differently,thank you for making this game it was an very fun one to play and to think about it


Was I the only one who thought the house and set looked like the one in the movie "Coraline"? Maybe I'm crazy but it seems too much alike for me. 


This game's so good, I feel so sorry for the Doctor when Embry pushes him down the stairs (or seems to have been pushed) but I also feel so sorry for Embry. I wanted to understand the ending better, it ends with Embry going into the basement, but I need ANSWERS! Omg I'm curious, I think Embry might have died, but I don't know. I also wanted to understand how it all happened, what it is in the basement, I hope there's a sequel...

I  really enjoyed this game. I think it has a good foundation already if the creator wanted to expand on it or give the player more backstory.

It's a good short game to enjoy and interesting! I wish I knew more about how everything went down, the neighborhood is full of nice and kind people! 

  • You can see my play through in the video linked!

i love this game


I want more games like this the future


I love this game  one of my favorites btw poor dr d light


omg i seen a youtuber play this ima get the game now

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