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[Release is January 27th, 8 PM EST/5 PM PST ]

"If what I want to believe, and what I know to be true, are two different things...do I have to choose the 'right' one?"

Blackout Hospital is a game where you play as Vasilis, a nonbinary janitor at Altobuck Hospital. When the power goes out while working the night shift, the emergency lights come on and bask the halls in an eerie, ghostly glow. Bizarre happenings start to occur at the hospital, and Vasilis wants no part in it as they try to look for a way out! Along the way they will fight off mysterious enemies, meet strange characters, and make a few allies--but will any of it mean anything if they can never return home?

This RPG game consists of 3 different endings: A bad ending, a secret ending, and a true ending. 

Average playtime is about 6-8 hours!

Credits follow the true ending! 

Content warnings:

•Flashing Lights 
•Potentially Loud Noises
•Strong Language
•Medical Malpractice
•Mentions of Child Death
•Mild Gore
•Body Horror
•This game contains a gambling mechanic. Gambling only uses in-game currency, and it is not necessary to partake in to complete the game. 

MAC USERS: This game may not work on all Macs. When opening the game, do NOT click on the "Game" application. Instead, follow these steps:

  • Go into the folder "Blackout Hospital".
  • Go into the folder "Game.app"
  • Go into the folder "Contents"
  • Go into the folder "MacOS"
  • Open the file labeled "nwjs"

Opening the game this way will allow you to safely use the menu and cancel commands. Opening the game from the application labeled "Game" will make it so that you cannot exit out of a menu that's been opened. 


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 28, 2023
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(141 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCharacters, Horror, Indie, Mystery, Narrative, RPG Maker, Spooky, supernatural
Average sessionA few hours


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this is a very good game. i had a really good time playing this. the artstyle and gameplay kinda reminds me of omori. love the soundtrack, the characters were pretty good too and while some puzzles did leave me stumped to where i had to look up how to progress, i did have a good time and would recommend this game to anyone. i will be keeping a look out for more games you release in the future.

Hi! I was wondering if you could be a bit more specific about the "medical malpractice" CW. Is it physical, or psychological malpractice? I guess what I'm asking is, is it abusing a physically ill person's body, or is it abusing a behavioral health patient?

I have a trigger of mental institutions but not regular hospitals, but I know that sometimes hospitals have both, so I just want to be sure before I play


The malpractice that occurs is not mental-health based. Malpractice is only mentioned, and acts of malpractice are not shown on screen.


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It seems like you poured all your skill points into creativity, with your ultimate being the ability to create characters that are easy to get attached to.

But I have 2 questions about Vasilis and Mary:

  1. Those one-on-one pictures they take in the true ending makes it look like they ended up dating. Did they?
  2. What's Vasilis' sex? They look and sound female but they're not wearing a top in the true ending's beach photo or their 2022 birthday art - but they ARE wearing a top in the 2019 birthday art, I'm getting mixed messages.
(1 edit) (+1)

1. No, they are not dating--they are only friends.
2. I don't think Vasilis's assigned gender at birth should be important. While I understand some people are just curious or are looking to find characters they relate to when it comes to one's gender experience, I prefer not to make a big show of what they were "born as" because it is often used as an excuse to misgender the character. Vasilis doesn't have a gender and only goes by they/them pronouns, thank you for understanding!

how were my only deaths on true ending final boss when Vasilis was at level 8 and mary was at level 7?

granted it was because i had no healing items, but still

Also this is my favourite rpg maker game with actual combat.

I even struggle fighting the final boss with both Vasilis and Mary at level 11 :>

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In that boss, Tetra doesn't attack Mary so long as Vasilis still has health. So before you start, buy as many defibrillators as possible and have Mary revive Vasilis when she dies. Until Vasilis dies, have both of them attack Tetra. Both of them were Level 10

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i literally made an account just to comment on this game, but i absolutely love it so much. everything about it is perfect, the ost, the art, the puzzles, everything. i did struggle at some parts but got past time pretty quickly. i love the design of every character in this game, they all looks so perfect. i normally hate anything medical related so i was a bit hesitant to play thins game at first, but i just loved it so much. i got both the bad and secret ending, and they were each so good. i love mary anta so much, shes so cute. dr tetra is such a great character, from his design to the writing. everything is just truly perfect.

slight spoilers











the cg scene with ollie and mary was one of the best imo, i love the shading in the hair representing their emotions. i remember seeing it even before playing the game, and still loved it so much despite not knowing the meaning

oh my god i just finished playing all the endings and i'm actually losing my mind it was so good

the true ending made me so happy and i'm so excited to play whatever you release next!!

I'm so happy to see you enjoyed it, thank you so much!! It means the world to me ♡♡♡

anyone else really struggling with the griindel fight?? i have vasilis on level 7, mary on level 6, and reginald on level 5. i tried going back into the maze to try and fight more monsters to level up but they're all gone. any tips? 

(1 edit)

Enemies respawn when you leave a map and then come back. However, you might have an easier time if you buy gear/weapon upgrades from the shop. They can be found in the shop menu if you scroll down from the healing items! (Please remember: You must equip weapons/gear after buying them)

oh my god, i never scrolled down... guess i didn't need it lol! just litres upon litres of water XD

blackout hospital is somethin!!! definitely my favorite out of all of them. i remember starting this game in early november and i finished it in january. this game is WILD i love hydrillinx hes my mookiebear. genuinely, this game is one of the most fun ive ever played. ive gone through all the endings and its like nothing ive ever seen before although if you were looking to play this id say go through cemetery mary beforehand to sort of understand a bit more

pruple vasilis

Just finished Cemetery Mary and it was awesome! Starting on this game now and I already have so many questions, love your games!

(1 edit)

(spoilers, anyone who's playing the game shouldn't read this if they haven't beaten the game)

while I did mostly enjoy this game, I still feel that the endings left quite a few things about the setting and story unanswered to the point where it was less mysterious and more unsatisfying (who was Vasilis talking to in the beginning? what's actually wrong with Mary? why did time stop magic make sick people feel better and dead spirits? who was the person in the notes talking about the spirits? what was Tetra trying to do? what's the deal with Tetra's weird eye stuff in his boss battle?) I also felt that some elements like Vasilis' split personality in the secret ending or the answer to why time stopped in the true ending came out of nowhere.

maybe this is all just user error; a missed sidequest or bit of party talk, insufficient reading up on the dev's other projects, not reading between the lines enough, or just overthinking the details. I'm not expecting the dev to go out of their way to answer all of these questions, either. still, that was the experience I had.

again, I did mostly like this game; the visuals, the music, and the character writing were great, and the combat was surprisingly involved despite its apparent simplicity. would recommend trying it out.

This game is actually a part of a bigger story I am telling across a few games, hence why there's so much mystery involved! I am happy to hear you still enjoyed the game though. Thank you for playing!

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yeah, that'd explain it. guess I didn't take that into account, lol. despite the issue I had, I am still interested in seeing where these story elements are going, so I'm glad there will be a sequel.

Happy anniversary! I remember playing this game the day it came out. It's genuinely one of my favorite games of all time. It's so well done in every aspect. 

This is so sweet, thank you so much ♡

this is a amazing game but I'm stuck on the x-ray room puzzle lol

There's a walkthrough in the devlogs if you need help!

I cant get past the first battle :( no clue if I'm missing something, if there's a strategy or if I'm just dumb [not insulting myself btw] 

You could try battling some enemies on the second floor to make your level higher!!

its the elevator one, I've found a lollipop but I dont have access to floor two yet

If you use the lollipop during your fight it can help heal you! Also keep an eye on your "ENERGY", if you have enough, you can double-attack!!

that what I've been doing :) I've also been trying to get a drink from the vending machine [I've already unlocked the elevator] and it just gives me the item again

Great game. I have to check your other games.

Deleted 138 days ago

I would check the walk through in the devlogs! https://arcadekitten.itch.io/blackout-hospital/devlog/482400/blackout-hospital-o...

Today i finally finished the game and got all endings! I really like vasilis ,i think we're similar ☆ i plan on playing cemetery mary next cuz i never got to because studying, the shop and the rooftop's soundtrack are so amazing ♡♡♡ this game was fun to play thank you for making it !!!luv u kittie🖤

Final part~
Finally, I finished the game as I promised.
I truly enjoy playing it, as usual, excellent game :3

Puzzle is kinda confusing sometimes though, but that's all!!!

i'm only a few games in, but this whole multiverse that's kinda developing has been so engaging and fun the whole time. god i'm excited to play more


the true end made me cry ngl. the developing friendship between vasilis and mary is so cute. i also like the nods to your other games in the true ending! and once again, i ask myself, reginald, what the hell. what does it all mean. why does he say "again". I have many questions and can only guess at the answers, but that just adds to the flavor of it all.

lovely art, great characters, though the combat was rather basic, but that didn't really detract from the overall experience. all around, a fantastic game!

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Okay i just finished 100% the game right now, and i must say i was pretty impressed, both by the lore and how this game turned out.

When at first i started playing this, i thought it would be some standard RPG with little to no lore at all, but i was wrong! I enjoyed every moment of this game (except for the money grinding) , and both of the three endings surprised me in all kind of ways! I am still questioning myself what are the meanings to both the true and secret ending, but i think i will understand later in these days.

I played almost every game you made, except for the prequel of Cemetery Mary (which i am going to play right now!), and i am so curious how it will turn out, considering almost every game of yours is made very well! Can't wait for your future projects, best of luck!

Maybe some kind of "sequel" to this game :] thank you!

hope arcadekitten see this

Boop :)

Deleted 238 days ago

You're probably underleveled! Try leveling up on the second floor and then return to the boss

Deleted 227 days ago

im obsessed

I cant get out of the card game loop helpppp ive pressed talk like ten times :(

Need Italian version ::(

I need French version 🥺

The true End is so lovely!!!!


i just love how all of your games are related to each other!!!!!!!!!


Just finished the game. This was such a blast seriously I loved it so much. Probably my favourite game from you along with the basement game.


I LOVED this game it was such a wild experience and you can tell how much work and love was put into it! I do wonder if you will explain what the secret ending is about because I was looking at the walkthrough and there's nothing explaining it, or, if the secret ending symbols that showed up mean anything 🤷‍♀️

Another thing I am interested in is the pregnant woman in the maternity ward and Vasilis getting possessed. I wonder if they were the same thing?

I will definitely be back to record Semiaquatic Circus!!

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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screa ed

Part 6:

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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babe wake up new aradekitten game

Part 5:

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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I just about wrapped up each room on floor 7 and OMG this game is AMAZING! 




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Part 4:

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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This was so fun! I love the character designs and puzzles! And all the connections to your past games are so cool. Thanks for another great game c:


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