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It's Halloween night! What are you dressing up as? Are you planning to get lots of candy this year? Are you going to spend the whole time trick-or-treating? Or, maybe there's something else you can try to do on Halloween...

Tricks N Treats is a VERY short game made using RPG Maker MV. The game is about a little girl spending Halloween night going trick-or-treating with her friends, but also looking for trouble somewhere else...

The game takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

This game contains a few connections and references to the game Cemetery Mary. However, the experience can still be enjoyed without having played through Cemetery Mary first. 

Updated 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCute, Halloween, RPG Maker, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America


TricksNTreatsZip-MAC.zip 319 MB
TricksNTreatsZip-LINUX.zip 226 MB
TricksNTreatsZip-WINDOWS.zip 183 MB
TricksNTreats-SPANISH-Windows.zip 183 MB

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Oh my gosh, this game was so much fun! A delight to play through, and it was lovely getting to see something that built directly off of the creator's other works. I love the fact that the creator managed to make unique costumes with limited sprites, which showed itself best in the wholly unexpected Spanish Inquisition. Despite all of that, though, my favorite parts of the short adventure took place towards the end. Seeing Mary protecting the cemetery (in costume, no less) was fantastic, and I love how the artstyle and design made her seem older than she was in Cemetery Mary, if that makes sense. It was a bit tough, or it might have just been for me, to read Mary as a young adult, throughout that game. In line with that, it's nice to play through Tricks n' Treats and have her contrasted with actual kids. The way the perspective switches around between the two is just so fun. Then, there's the ending. It was so sweet getting to know our favorite mysterious figure better, and seeing them be so sweet with Sunny. The absolute best part of the game, though, was finally seeing narwhal boy's face! (They look like they need some sleep). Never got the opportunity to see them in Cemetery Mary, but nonetheless, we're learning more about the world game-by-game. I love how interconnected this all is.

Such of nice game! Love it! It's so adorable to see kids having a good time together! I was surprised at first to see Embry here, but after a sec I was very happy! Love it soooo much (like all Your games)!

I did not realize it was the almighty creator of the famous Cemetary Mary until I saw the graveyard scenes and then, after editing, looked at your other games. Had a good wholesome time with this one and am so glad the Blackwood Butcher didn't get me this time. I called the twist ending sorta, but it was still a great experience.

Love it! Cute little Halloween adventure that I played during the summer cause i just couldn't wait 

i love it ^^

I literally love this no regrets downloading it

I really loved the graphics super cute and a story that kept my attention

Its nice game it good

I loved this game the art is beautiful and the characters too


I really loved this game! It was very interesting but so scary, so i could play it with my little sister, and she really loves the game too! She has been begging me to play and read the game for her again once and once again lol (She doesn't know how to read yet so yeah) 

Very cool artstyle too! I love how it can be cute OR scary/disturbing depending on the situation and the context (Like in "It´s not me it´s my basement).

I think it's safe to say fans want another Embry game lol. Thanks for all your hard work!


we need to see more of embry, honestly. I think they're a very interesting character who really knows how to take something in.

In the topic of the game, this was 😎 awesome. A true treat with no tricks to be found. Definitely playing next all hallows eve!

THERE IS ANOTHER EMBRY GAME!! :D its called 'its not me, its my basement' and it features them in what i believe is an AU

Really cute little Halloween game, will definitely be playing it again in October. Necrotary, Ryo, Embry (same Embry from INMIMB?) and Sunny were really fun characters to follow, and the story was so charming. I actually played it already a couple of days ago but I had to replay it after finishing Cemetery Mary; it's really cool now understanding all the references and I absolutely adore this universe, you have definitely become one of my favourite developers. 


Yes, it is the same Embry! Kinda! But not really! But maybe so? It's a tricky little mix of timelines, to be sure! But thank you so much for your support! Hearing that I am amongst one of your favorite developers now actually brought tears to my eyes! I hope I can continue making games that you'll love just as much!<3

A cute and fun experience, short but sweet like candy. Halloween passed already, but if I had've known of this game earlier it would have definitely suited the mood! The characters immersed me and the graphics are adorable.

hola soy valeria 5

Hola Valeria 5,

Perdón por el retraso.

¿Cómo te encuentras?


enjoyed drawing the thumbnail

Whoa, you drew a custom thumbnail for it?! That's so cool & I'm so flattered! It looks awesome! :D

a fun and charming game....even when it's not played on halloween.

i have a question though...what's the gender of some of the protagonists? embry seems like a transgender, necrotary is a girl, and ryo looks like a boy. 

Thank you, I'm happy you liked it!
And to answer your question, Necrotary is a girl, Ryo is a boy, and Embry is nonbinary. : )

I thought that this was a nice halloween game. Though the story is really predictable, I enjoyed it. There was one section of the game where the music turned off and didn’t comeback on until you left the area.

Love the character designs and art.

I would say that it’s a good game to play for halloween.

Thank you for your input! There isn't too much music in the game, but when playtested it was everywhere that it belonged. I will keep that in mind though as I incorporate music into future projects, thank you and I'm happy that you enjoyed!

This was so good! I really hope that this was a demo. I want the adventure to carry on. Ill send you the link to the video when I upload it.

Thank you so much! This is the full game, as I just wanted to make something short and sweet for Halloween. However, I do have plans to make more RPGmaker games eventually! And I also have a visual novel game on my page that follows the red-haired girl you see in the game, if you're interested! Thank you again! : )

Loved it.



Heart hurty

But genuinely this was great to experience, I hope to see more from you as always!

Thank you so very much!! And Happy Halloween! :D

i am also having trouble opening on mac :((

If your Mac is running on Catalina, you may not be able to open it because Catalina renders a lot of games unplayable :(

Aww this was such a good game!! I LOVE the art style, all the character designs are soo cute, and the writing is amazing too! I really enjoyed this, it was very fun to play and it definitely got me in the Halloween mood~ ^^

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!! :D

Can't seem to open the game on Mac?

That's strange! One of my friends who has Mac has had no problem opening it... Did it extract properly? Is there a certain error you're receiving?

I have the same problem :(

I think it has to do with the MacOS Catalina update :( I've heard it makes many games unplayable. A friend of mine who has a Mac on Sierra was able to open it, but my other friend with Catalina couldn't...


:(( I really wish I could play the game

Deleted post

Lmao I just now saw this comment :D it's been 78 days :0 but it just says that ''The app Game cannot be opened'' and it doesn't matter what I do, I can't open it!! :(


Omg it's out, I definitely checking it out!!! But for now, sleep.


Aaaaaaaaaa, I was not disappointed, I was literally screaming when the reveal begins. All the characters are very adorable, the town and the people are well made, and as always, good ability to make game ambiguously horrifying. Love it a lot.