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so... ya know how you can have 1/2 nightmares... one about the basement if you agree to go down and one about Dr. D. Light if you go back to bed... I've seen both and the jump scare in the basement nightmare didn't scare me as much as the one with D. Light... YOUR MEAN TO ME D. LIGHT. I LOVE YOU MAN BUT THAT WAS JEFFING HORRIFYING!! I HATE YOUR FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITS SCAWYYYYYYYYY!! Anyway bootiful game I love it :3

Anyone knows how to play this game on macOS Big Sur?

how many endings are there? ive only gotten one ending but i wanna know if theres more 

I really enjoyed playing your game! The Unknown of the basement and even after "going into the basement" no one knows whats in there

My playthrough of the game can be seen here!

someone tell dr. d light i love him

The creator certainly has a knack for writing open questions into the stories, and doing so extremely well. Poor Embry, though... the story hits even harder after playing Trick n' Treat, and watching them in a more lighthearted setting, being a kid like they really ought to be. The story is tragic, leaves an awful lot of room for interpretation (which is something I love), and is still short enough to enjoyably finish in an hour or two. I will admit, the sequence throughout the nightmare had me backing away from the computer the first time I played through it, but I might just be a bit more prone to fright than most. The game is great, and I love Dr. D so absolutely much.

i head canon that Embry sounds like crona from soul eater


It's such of good game! I love it! Kinda want a part 2 knowing there's no way it's gonna be...I can relate to this so much, and I'm very happy to see a non-binary character as a protagonist, I love all your games!

how do you play?

pls make this game for android is so perfect


I'm very happy with the nonbinary rep in this game ^^

To the commenters who keep calling Embry "she": Please. PLEASE read the description, where Embry is referred to by they/them pronouns only. Thank you.

I had two endings The second ending when she got back into bed she dreamed of Dr. Light in her sleep and the mask was budgeting little by little and then back to normal His face was really scary and he was talking to Embry in really scary words then you go down to the basement and it's game over

انتهت اللعبة هذا رائع

Wow wow wow it's so amazing is there a second part And I want to ask you who is her big brother, then is it really Dr. Light Dead? He's really cool

Absolutely loved the experience of reading off what each character was saying. Very immersing, and had me there close to the end! eek! Would recommend!

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It would make me ecstatic if you were to rate my Dr. D.Light voice 😊

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I got an account to comment now but Great Game! Pretty Spooky and gives me two ideas on what happened whether literal or Metaphorical. 

this was awesome!! it was so fun to play and the story was so unique i loved it!

its a very good game tho i dont really understand the ending i showed it to my mother and she doesnt understand it either if thats the purpose of the game then you did a good job,can we maybe get an explanation?or leave it as it is that just makes it more mysterious i guess

just finished it and im just as confused as you r my friend

The game is fantastic! Keep up the good work Dev! 

it looks cool

I freaking loved this Game!!!!! so cute and unsettling at the same time

Can you please rate my Dr. D.Light's voice? I would really appreciate it.  Also...


THE WAY OF TLAKING FITS TO GOOD TO DR. D.LIGHT!!! if only the voice was deeper.. but thats not your problem lol

Yeah, I did try going deeper but you know, it's hard when you're a female... 🤣

credit is hers :3

if i say hers i meant Kyudimipop

This game was cute and creepy at the same time, I only got the one ending however that one ending has already allowed me to come up with my own theory as to what has happened with her parents, overall it was a great experience, great game

Round two! The review ^- ^

This is so nice, can't wait to get more!

It's been a while since i played any RPG Maker style horror game, can't wait for try it later ^^

This game was FANTASTIC!!! I loved that ending, it really left me questioning what happened. The whole mystery of everything was amazing too. Outstanding job, I'm gonna check out your other projects and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future!

please make a part 2 of this game, i am currently really desperate to see what happened and we where left on such a cliffhanger, what was in the basement? will embry die?? we need to know this. (pls make a part 2)

I love this game so much i really wish there was a second part.

Nope i saw a utube vid aso de game dont look bad

Good job on the interesting game

This game is gut-wrenching and sweet and scary all at the same time. Well done. 

cutie i'm going to play after my class


cool game<

I loved the game is so cool i loved

Here is the video!

Dr. D Light was my favorite to voice...

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