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Nah this game was a total 10/10 i'm finna play every other game now!!!! 

Hi. I'm on Linux Cinnamon 20.3, and I can't get the game to run. The title page will come up, but it crashes as soon as I try to start the game. Any idea what might be happening there? I can get the crash log if you want to look into it.

this game is honestly just AMAZING, theres simply no other way to put it! I love Dr. D Light but my friends and I have been wondering what the "D" in Dr. D Light stands for? Is it Dr. Delight Light, perhaps?

I really enjoyed this! Well written and it kept me nervous about what could happen. D.Light fate just Destroyed me. I was close to tears even though I had only seen him for a few minutes! you did so well at making him so loveable in such a short span!

Hi i just wanted to tell you that your game is so awesome and it's one of my favorite games to play to pass the time! I would really enjoy part two of this as it is very fun and i want to learn more about the story! <3 

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had problems with Antimalware Service Executable 

  1. MsMpEng.exe ) is an activity that can lead to excessive CPU use and a lot of CPU usage on Windows. Its other name could be Windows Defender Service that will be responsible for the real-time security scanning.  If you've noticed this procedure running within the Windows Task Manager and you want to reduce the CPU usage that it causes read on.MsMpEng.Exe program operates in the background. the primary reason why it utilizes numerous resources is because it constantly scans for the files and programs due to the real-time protection features in Windows Defender. Simply put It works constantly to spot unsafe downloads and stop them from infiltrating your PC for instance, while you're browsing the Internet and visit untrustworthy websites.


Can u please make it so Android people can play I'm not trying to force you to do it it's okay if you don't want to do it

i liked it

ive played it many times

Wow naprawde dobra gra postaraliście sie :] czekam na kontynuacje jeśli takowa będzi

i was trying to find this game becase  people are playing it

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i love this game and all in its series (inmimb, crowscare, and tricks and treats) i would love to see more

it was good! my new favorite game lol. 10/10! i really like Dr D light:)))))

Hey um I don't mean to sound like I'm rushing anyone but can we please have a option for Androids bc the horror games on the  Appstore almost all cost money and the ones that don't aren't the best quality  also I'm j not complaining about that stuff many bc I'm not too picky about games and stuff

i have no basement..

Really creepy game, and the story is really interesting, just the mystery of what is actually going on in the basement, and those build-ups really make you wonder what will happen after the end of the game. I am curious to how everything started, especially with the monster and loss of the parents, there are so many potential things that could have happened that just makes the story so interesting.

What's all the music/soundtrack names I've been trying to find them forever.

Really i like it. But this so short for me im wonder something. good drawing and music. İ can recommed for everyone. I hope your success continues, and just that much. 10/8.5 a little short


is Dr D Light, Dr brights (from the scp foundation) brother?

algunos audios y cosas no estan

que puedo hacer?

porfas respondan


Dr D Light is my favourite ever

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INMIMB for android?

no its for pc

No I meant if there's gonna be a port for this game on android.

i dont think they will make that.

Why give up hope so easily?!?

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I saw the little child and doctor cameo in the other game Crowscare. I'm guessing they are in the same universe but anyway the animation design is pretty good. The story was very interesting. Not bad all. 


I really really enjoyed this game

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Loved playing this game! It was amazing <3

I like this game so much! It's so awesome! Can't wait to play it again next time!

This game is so cool! I like the art a lot, the style is very nice. The overall atmosphere and environments are great.

Este jogo parece muito legal, mas infelizmente não tem uma versão Português (Brasil). Não querendo ser chata, mas você poderia "fazer'' esta tradução? :(


Some ppl dont notice that there is 2 endings. Other than me being upset ppl dont notice theres 2 endings😅, its an amazing game and i like how you made some parts without color and some with color. Great game!

i LOVED this game so much! the plot line was so interesting, and really sad :(  


i really really liked it i hope there is chapter 2 i hope so i liked it

I absolutely loved this game it was wonderful and I hope you make more games like this

nice game!!


Its a really nice game! I've liked it so much


I loved this game!

Had a blast playing this game and made a video of it on my channel. I couldn't put this game down and had so much fun playing it. I loved the art it was so cute I'm so glad I played this game. Keep up the amazing work and I hope you keep making game and making art because this was amazing.


...MAN!!!! perfeitooooooo caramba mior joguitooooooo mas eu joguei em outro site

depende vou ver se posso jogar ele no meu ChromeBook!


I love this game, its a great game! BUT DR D. LIGHT MADE THIS GAME 😭

Does this work on chromebook?


Yoooo! Nice game! i really loved this.

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