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Not everyone gets chosen to attend Aether West Academy-- but YOU did! And in the middle of the school year, no less! That means you have a lot to catch up on...socially, of course.

With your charm and personality, you're sure to capture the hearts of all your classmates--and that's just what you intend to do! 

Oh, and one last thing--don't ask why you're dorming alone, it's not important!


Here for Sweethearts is an episodically-updating friend-sim styled VN. Your goal is to try and get as many people as possible to love you, in whatever form that love takes! Game takes around 10-15 minutes per chapter.


Chapters available:

- Intro (Headmistress-She/Her)
- Netina (She/Her)
- Theodore (He/Him)
-Mitzi (She/They)
-Ollie (They/Them)
Crowven (He/Him)
-Secret Chapter Character(He/They)
-Dance Chapter Character(He/Him)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(303 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Dating Sim, friend-sim, friendsim, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I am at Zapara's chapter rn and oh my god man! honestly Theo is such a sweetheart. Hes definitely one of my favorite characters. All of the designs are SO cool too! I feel bad for Mary too :< anyway, so far this is definitely one of my favorite games!

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UPDATE! jaxter is honestly a cutie

what the fuck. just. happened.

i am begging, please let me change my mind... i am begging, i would rather die than to hurt those cuties.

stop i feel so bad i no no wanna do this.

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Was wondering if there’s more planned or if there’s only the secret end and main end? I was left with a lot more questions than answers. While there are things I can infer I still would like to know more about it. The twist was very fascinating and I think there’s a lot of potential for a sequel if you have time and energy for it. I want to see more of the MC/Dad interacting and who the moth boy is in the secret ending. Is it the dead student? Also why is Twyla heartless? I find the concept interesting! You can do a lot with it and I believe many people would be here for a sequel or even a small little game explaining some things? Just wondering. This all genuine and isn’t aggressive in any way. Love the Ace rep BTW! I got excited about it since I’m under the AroAce umbrella myself. Thank you anyways for a very cool game + Concepts with the heart eaters.


Characters and story is very good but the ending was kind of expected to happen. Wish there was a second ending were our plan works😈 Yes im a evil girl so what? Hopefully another ending or alternative ending can be added because it would make this game much more better lol still i give game 5/5😈 6/5 if they give alternative ending with us wining please. It's not too late 😈

Never playing this again, all because of the ending

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eu fiquei em choque com o plot desse jogo. o final. meu deus.

meu deus.

incrível. 10/10. apenas fiquei triste que tenha apenas um final.

edit: já FAZ UMA HORA QUE EU FECHEI O JOGO E AINDA NÃO CONSIGO PARAR DE PENSAR NELE. QUE OBRA PRIMA, SÉRIO!!!!! não consigo parar de pensar em como esse jogo tem uma das melhores histórias que eu já vi aaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa

I respect your creativity a lot!
It is natural born succubus simulator but without lust at all! I've seen nothing like that before. Generally thank you, it was great experience.
P/S Nova has the best dad ever. Love him.

arcadekitten WHY i am internally sobbing

I just finished the game, and it was incredible! I didn't expect the ending at all, nice surprise! I've played most of your games, really cool ! (at first I was even surprised that they were free).


NO BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE THE GUTS TO FINISH THE GAME AND EAT THEIR HEARTS CAUSE I GENUINELY GOT SO ATTACHED TO EVERYONE THAT IT LITERALLY BROKE ME WHEN I FOUND OUT. the twist made my heart sink to my stomach and as much as i adore the game i kinda wish there was some kind of second ending where we change our mind at the dance when they all start swarming vanilla and greeting her, even reaching to the point that Theo and the others rigged the votes for her to win, at that point i knew that i wouldnt be able to finish this. i really love the game though, just wished there were two endings!

I mean......if you do finish it you might be pleased by the results haha?

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Everyone completing the game: Yippee!

Me trying to figure out on how to get Twyla's heart: FUC-

update: figured it out


i dropped the game a few days ago, so i suggest searching up a tutorial 

(SPOILERS) Bro I made an account just to comment on how good this game is, I was actually so excited to eat peoples hearts that I had to sit up and actually cried when Twyla tried to kill me, I was so happy when dad came and got me from her and I was really hoping there was a second game where we returned and shocked everyone especially Twyla or if there was a second game where we at least went to another school, I know ill be crying about this for weeks because it was so amazing but this plot twist really broke my heart, this game ate my heart..

this game. i completed it but it took the whole day morning to evening, i love the gamestyle how you have to go off the characters personality and preferences and i love the way that you can pick different genders for nova, it adds to the already MASSIVE inclusive cast of characters. this game is WORTH playing


regarding the ending, which i won't spoil for anyone (i believe everyone should experience things for themselves before thinking something), it was underwhelming and lackluster. the "twist" truly is not as shocking as i feel others in the comments make it out to be. i think if you thinked about it for more than a minute you'd understand. the buildup also wasn't very satisfactory, it felt like it was stolen from us because nothing came from it.

 while seeing lgbtq+ rep is awesome in video games (one of the reasons i appreciate itch.io so much), it's very on the nose for some characters. some characters their flags are incorporated as something small like pins or bracelets, or sometimes even the color scheme of their outfit... and others blatantly wear their flags. it was a little distracting seeing a flag bannered across a character like that. some character designs felt like that was their focal piece(?) because it stood out so much from their palette. 

other than that, i did enjoy interacting with all the characters and guessing the right choices. the art is cute, and the characters all have their own unique personalities. it's a nice little surprise seeing characters from previous chapters pop up later on and seeing how they interact with other characters. from my understanding, the characters also show up in other games made by arcadekitten. so i'll definitely be checking it out.

overall, it was a very enjoyable experience but lost me on the final chapter, i wish there were more endings.


i hope no one takes this the wrong way cause i really did have fun playing ToT


IM OBSESSED WITH THE ENDING!!  super badass ^^

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please the game is sooooooooooooooo good but i cant I CANT TAKE THIS ENDING (at least let us get full)


Really needs more possible endings (Massive spoilers below)

I find the ending incredibly unsatisfying, and the "Twist" just made me want to stop playing completely. I love bad endings when there's a way around them, but it's just nothing here. Two proposed endings I have are:

Broken Hearts: Requires you to obtain Twyla's heart somehow so that when she attacks you you're able to fight back and can break hearts like you were planning to.

Sweet Hearts: If you do everything you can in "The Night Before" to try and mitigate their suffering, perhaps there can be some sort of good ending where vanilla can break no hearts without being stabbed by owl lady, maybe even going against their father.

Either of these endings would have been much more satisfying and interesting than what we got, which is just anticlimactic in an attempt to be "Surprising". Just because something's unexpected doesn't make it satisfying.


can i genuinely ask why you didn't find the ending satisfying? /neu


There was just... nothing interesting about it. I'm not a big fan of "And then this character was secretly evil the whole time", and it's not like the "evil" part of Vanilla even goes anywhere with Twyla deciding murder is epic

I REALLY LOVED THIS GAME! I finished this game for 2 days and I was really shocked by the plot twist at the end! it reallyyyy surprised me and I REALLY love it!!

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I'm still very confused on how to reset my data

Edit: figured it out. This thread helped me out https://steamcommunity.com/app/429300/discussions/0/458605613403306861/

Edit 2: After finishing the game, here's my review


Wow. That was phenomenal. It was short and sweet, but that was incredible. That twist was such a shock, especially with Twyla, even though I had a gut feeling about her. But holy sh*t that was amazing.

I just got this game on my Laptop but it says I need to install another app but I don't know which one it is.

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The game is AMAZINGG!!! :3

The end is suprising and made me kinda mad



Both this and Cemetery Mary sure fucked with my emotions and expectations

I got the bad ending on Cemetery Mary and got all sad over Crowven, then came here bc all I knew was that he was in the game, and I wanted to play something with the same characters that was a little more lighthearted?? Not what I expected but interesting!!!!

Ollie on top ollie winning #olliesweep 

Omg listen i love you and i love the story, BUT THE ENDING WAS SO UNSATISFACTORYYYYY T---T 
I still enjoyed it lots! the plot twist was so big i was confused for a bit lol (longer than it should've taken)
Overall amazing game!




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I liked the game overall,


the twist was cool but why build up to all of  it and not have us do it? the whole game you had us getting all the hearts once we have the hearts you pulled the twist. but when we get to the party, we didn't even do it. there would've been many other ways to get different sorts of endings.  not saying she had to  let us go, but i would've appreciated something different, why give us different dialogues if the outcome is the same? it left me unsatisfied, but the game was good nontheless. 

plot 10/10

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Goddammit, my heart snapped when that shit started, I can't fucking believe that! I'm honestly impressed, I often figure out the story of something long before it is revealed. You did good work! Even the little hits you dropped along the way in the story, that was super cool.

but also, what the fuck. JAXTER, MY BELOVED!!!!!! I'll never get to see an ending with him...


me and my friend played this together and i swear our hearts broke when we heard the twist- such a great fucking game oh my god


The twist got me suprised 

i kinda figured it was Twyla  tho how she wanted us gone for a while and she went in the room and she some clue put it together as well :') hurt tho i really liked theo 

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 a  spoiler! since I have no friends to blabber this about!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


I had first started off the game thinking it'd be like any other dumb romance game- BUT OH BOY I WAS WRONG.. it started and I thought the character designs were really pretty but while we progressed chapters I was trying to figure out who was the murder- but as we went on to mary's chapter I starting making an asshole rank and guess who ended up at the top? netina!-. I still thought it'd be a romance game but out of curiosity I'd read the comments and I started reading them and just thought they were lying because I'm just really dumb- as I progressed to Zapara's chapter, honestly I loved her character design! I thought it was pretty cute but when we got to the "night before" chapter was when I was greeted with confusion but since I didn't mind breaking their hearts I just did it with ease! but the prom night chapter was what broke me- like i was kinda excited to break their hearts (don't ask i just like bad endings)-  but once i saw Tywla and her inviting Vanilla to a forest- i dunno it didn't seem right so i knew something would happen.. and i was right- like the way tywla had just did that made me wanna throw up but when i thought we'd get a bittersweet bad ending- APPARENTLY NOT?? THE WAY OUT OF NOWHERE- vanilla's dad comes just shook me so much and then once it ended! I loved the game! it was a cute yet sad rollercoaster of emotions!

Possible spoilers for Blackout Hospital, Cemetery Mary and this game.

I was in shock when the killer turned out to be Twyla and not Reginald since in every game I have played that Arcade made Reginald was usually the opposing force of the stories.

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Totally not me crying when we had to choose the most cruel way to break their hearts


Wow. WOW. God damn it i never. This caught me off so badly holllllyyyyyy. I wish i could have actually eaten tho lmao, wish i could see what would have happened

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Omg!! This is probably one of my favorites of your games!! I’m in the middle of the Reginald chapter rn and it’s amazing so far! (Twyla why must you force me to investigate after some of the dance?! What if someone asks me to dance with themmmm 😫)

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I usually never comment on games, but wow. The twist caught me so off guard.

(spoilers below)

The mom we meet in the intermission I assume has already been eaten by the MC's dad, which is why she's so depressed. I thought that our MC's species were cannibals or smth but now I think when we "eat their hearts" we are just breaking them (making the person depressed) and thats sorta like our food. Anyway, I love the game.


i wanna kill the fog..but...uhh...i-i..don't..wanna...kill it without the wepon TwT

someone can give me smth for this frog?

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I have no word's. It's a wonderful game with plot twists I didn't even expect! Highly recommend! 

;Small Note<3; 

I didn't read the comment section at all- very glad I didn't though! Would've made me very skeptical of everything in the game! ;

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Now imma go take a mental break because this game put me threw a roller-coaster for sure! honestly never seen anything as amazing as this, I play lots of dating's-sim's and horror, watch anime and horror so I thought I'd be prepare with the game- I don't really know how one can prepare for this, but I definitely loved this game and it's amazing for all! 

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alr I understand what happened now ty for telling me!! :)


nooooooooooo nonono

Vanilla was our old name!! the character just decided to go by something new, like how at the start when the dad was on the phone he was surprised when they called us.

TYSM i was so confused T_T


No, I don't think he ate us. :']  but the whole premise is basically that the MC part of a lineage that feeds off of hearts per say, they make "friends" only to use the things they(<-friend's) told the MC against to make so called "cracks" in their heart's I suppose? So that it's easier for the MC to eat. ^^   Though he(<-Dad) probably could've eaten us but I think even though they seem ruthless and in general crazy that they still care for their own blood. :} Oh and yea it seems the MC's real name is 'vanilla' they probably change it for every school they go to! 


Ohhh I see ty for the analysis!!


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i came into this game thinking of your basic visual novel/dating sim game, right? i even figured out who i decided was the biggest asshole in the game before the ending...needless to say my opinion changed on who the asshole was from it being originally Netina, still a wonderful yet horrifying game that i wish would have multiple endings but even without those is still pretty good

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