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Not everyone gets chosen to attend Aether West Academy-- but YOU did! And in the middle of the school year, no less! That means you have a lot to catch up on...socially, of course.

With your charm and personality, you're sure to capture the hearts of all your classmates--and that's just what you intend to do! 

Oh, and one last thing--don't ask why you're dorming alone, it's not important!


Here for Sweethearts is an episodically-updating friend-sim styled VN. Your goal is to try and get as many people as possible to love you, in whatever form that love takes! Game takes around 10-15 minutes per chapter.


Chapters available:

- Intro (Headmistress-She/Her)
- Netina (She/Her)
- Theodore (He/Him)
-Mitzi (She/They)
-Ollie (They/Them)
Crowven (He/Him)
-Secret Chapter Character(He/They)
-Dance Chapter Character(He/Him)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(191 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Dating Sim, friend-sim, friendsim, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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does this carry viruses? i tried opening it and it said that Windows protected my PC, should i run it anyway? will this damage my computer?

omg i FINALLY finished this after playing it like half way then abandoning it and its soooooo good!!! i love it smmm!!

i have to ask, is this an au to cemetery mary? or was it obvious and i just missed it


I HAVE A THEORY (Spoilers!)

Ok so I noticed that people say vanilla wants “kill” their friends at the end, but that ain’t true. We end up meeting vanillas mum in the intermission chapter, but when we do she is almost dead inside. And not actually dead dead.

This made me think: ‘why would we need to kill people for food?’ From what I know vanilla isn’t a cannibal or would need to physically hurt someone to feed.

Which led me to this conclusion: vanilla doesn’t need to hurt anyone physically to eat, we instead feed off of others heartbreak.

Which is why when we meet vanillas mum she’s sad and is almost lifeless, because their dad (who for some reason I think is hot) broke her heart and left her with almost nothing. Only negativity. Meaning she had already been eaten(?) sorta?

But that’s just a theory! A GAME THEORY!


I just thought this was canon i didnt even know people would think of cannibalism, but yeah i thought of the same sort of "heartbreak eater" too.

Is there a way to reset the game bc I genuinely hate the name I gave my character and I wanted to change the characters gender, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

I noticed somebody mentioned you could, but they never said how.

I was hoping you could help me figure out a way to undo what i’ve Done, can somebody please help me?


boah ich brauch eine season 2 liebe dieses spiel

so i just got back to the game and wanted to reset but i didnt know how so i deleted the game and redownloaded it and everything was still saved, if anyone knows how to restart the game please tell me bc im stumped.

C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Roaming/RenPy/Name_of_the_game and delete save folder



I wanted to see the characters I hated suffer. I will come for you Twyla

This is going to sound so dumb, but how do I open the game on Linux?

Is this availible on other devices? Such as tablet and/or cellphone?

Does this mean there's a version of Reginald out there that is a 100% unproblematic fave? 

In all seriousness, it's a major compliment to your character writing that Reginald was not my favorite person in the game by default (though he still wound up being my favorite). Save Twyla and possibly Netina, who manages to still be pretty charming despite her malicious streak, every character in the game is extremely likable and gives the player enough reason to sympathize with them as people. Jaxter, Mitzi, Mary, Zapara, and Vasilis were particular standouts for me. Vanilla is also easy to like as an MC, which kind of makes the big reveal even more of a knife in the gut. 

That point takes me to the gameplay itself. It's hard to say that visual novels ever make a really satisfying game experience; in most of them, I tend to think the decision-making is an arbitrary mechanic that holds the story back from players for no good reason. (I'm pretty much a slave to game guides and walkthroughs, lol.)  This game is an exception. Not since Ace Attorney have I felt so proud of myself for fumbling into the bad ending, trying again, and narrowing down my options til I get it right. Clearly designating the right and wrong choices really helps to make things feel less frustrating. 

Plus, there's another level of satisfaction to be had from a game that centers on the conceit of making people like you. In life, I am a socially awkward semi-loner who seldom leaves her comfort zone. I would be too scared to approach the likes of Crowven and his friends, fearing we'd have nothing in common, I'd say something wrong. I'd never go near Reginald, because he's too well-dressed, or Mitzi, because she (or they?) seems too cool, so I figure they'd want nothing to do with me. But seeing Reginald go from making someone cry to picking a fight with you to treating you like an old friend in two chapters hits differently than having him as a gentleman right at the start. A game with a self-insert player character and transparent mechanics that lets you figure out the "right" things to say to different kinds of people--the kinds of people you would love to get to know, at that--is rewarding in a way that goes beyond the game itself. It makes the friendships of your wildest dreams feel somehow within reach.  

The fact Vanilla isn't actually a self-insert character somewhat throws a wrench in that experience. Like I said, your characters are imminently likable. I don't just want to be their friends; I want to see them all live their best lives and be part of it.  It seems like Vanilla wants that, too, until the twist. The foreshadowing on this is pretty solid, so I have no issue with it on the writing front. It just feels like a betrayal of the things I liked most about this game. In hindsight, it was also a very poor choice on my part to make *this* game the one time that I gave my own name to the main character. I took a little break upon seeing the first cruel decision, but decided I wanted to see how the story played out anyway. I tried to choose options that seemed the least mean or the most honest, but every choice made me feel guilty.

On the bright side, I for one have no major complaints about the ending; if you don't want to see the characters you've come to care about suffer, it is absolutely the ideal outcome. It also gives reason to actually like Twyla: sheer strength of personality. That was one hell of a gambit, and she nailed the landing. (Hopefully, she didn't also nail the bat... but then again, Vanilla deserves to be hit with embedded bits of metal.)  It does render the decision-making of the previous chapter moot, which might feel unsatisfying to players who want to feel their choices matter. Unless it's a kinetic novel, part of the VN experience is about having the power to affect a story, so it's natural that some players will be disappointed when the illusion is shattered, so to speak. On that level, I wouldn't have minded seeing where my decisions led, but mostly I'm just here for the story itself. Plus, I feel like maybe the real point of those options was just to establish how thoroughly loathsome Vanilla's character is before the final smackdown, and for that purpose, it works flawlessly.

I also want to comment on how interestingly this game connects to Cemetery Mary. I was caught off guard when, in Crowven's chapter here, he says he barely knows Mary, since their relationship was so integral to the last game. It surprises me how well they work on their own. Or that Mary is still so Mary without the cemetery (though hopefully she gets a graveyard scene in your next story; that's too unique a character trait not to take advantage of). And, again, I'm shocked that Reginald can seem so normal in another game's context. Can't wait to see what you do with him in Blackout Hospital. 



That plot twist... physically hurt me. From when it was revealed the librarian was our mom and our dad broke her heart, I thought he was terrible, but now I understand. THAT FORESHADOWING DASJKLFNASFN, the plot twist murdered me i cant get over the plot twist help me :((( mary best girl tho

how do i change how i look in the game


you can't change how you look but you can change your gender/pronouns





just go there

QHe amado este juego, por que no haces mas partes? estaría buenisimo <3



Ahh this game was soo adorable, I loved Gunther and Theo so much! But the ending shocked me so much, I was hoping for a cute romance between my favourite characters and I :c At least I didn't have to hurt my poor Gunther...


Spoilers!! Anyways... I loved this so much, but I was kinda sad that we only had gotten our friends for... Well, that reason you know? I wanted to see them grow, I wanted to see so much happen! I think the worse part was I actually felt terrible for what I was planning, I believe truly, the only thing I wanted was a fulfilled friendship with everyone and Twyla. I loved her but, what she did was so crazy and really added detail to everything, I'm only upset that I couldn't actually get with a character and that my only goal was to hurt my friends, but honestly, I don't think the game could've gone any other way, I still loved it nonetheless though <3


That twist caught me off guard- Honestly was complaining to myself that all the hot ones were taken but like the twist made me understand why we don;t date a character. Still loved it even if I could never actually go through with the ending

Definitely one of my new favorite games I've played! The characters are all so unique and you can't help but fall in love with all of them. The ending/twist was especially fun, and I think it could be nice to see more of the main character in the future! For people who have played other games from Arcade Kitten, it is awesome to see some familiar characters rewritten in this more lighthearted universe. Can't wait to see more from you!

The game is pretty good BUT!

It didn’t show Reginald giving Mary the sweater that he made her or Mary even wearing it >:(

I love this game so much, all of the characters are so lovable (maybe not Netina or Twyla) and I wish there was more than that ending. I do have a weird question though...


For the moth chapter that people have been talking about, can you do it after finishing the game and if so, how? I tried looking in the corners of the last chapter select page and it isn't there??


I think you should be able to go to the secret chapter by clicking the moth in the window before the final chapter.

you can. It should be there. It’s kinda small and hard to tell it’s a moth, but it’s there

I've been here since Crowven and Vasilis were added and now my laptop came up up with this ;-;
Help me please I wanna play the latest chapters

never mind I managed to fix it :D

jaxter is very cute


What a twist...  don't know what to feel anymore


Mrs.B is so sweet and cute howw and i love her with all my heart<3

(1 edit)

i made subreddit about this game i was justified but i am so sad i had to come up ideas to break the hearts of my children (i  loved certain characters so much thought of them as my children

ok, I played the game once and

 (small spoilers)

I keep seeing ppl talk about the secret chapter and how to get it, but the moth doesn’t appear anymore. I think it’s because I already beat the game, but it’s not letting me start over. The “here to eat hearts” title is also still there. Is there a way for me to restart to get the other ending?

nevermind, I found it. I thought you had to click it in the actual “night before” chapter, not the selection screen

could you tell me how to get the secret chapter? im really curious!

when you go to select the two last chapters, there’ll be a moth in the corner of the select screen. If you click that moth you get the chapter





Halfway through the game, you; the main character, starts talking in second person, even when you are talking to other characters. There are also multiple spelling mistakes in this game. It is pretty fun regardless, and i really liked seeing Vasilis being reused for this game as you don't see much of her in Cemetery Mary.


Vasilis is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.


I really loved it! I loved to see characters from Cemetery Mary here. Didn't expect the twist and I would really love to see more content regarding this story! Thank you <3


Yooo!! Probably the best visual novel I've ever played in my entire fricking life >:3


I really liked the experience as a blanket friend making experience, although I think the twist is a bit weird and out of place. (Spoilers, duh)

So we actually want to "kill" everyone we interacted with throughout the duration of the game (not sure if that's the case, it feels both implied and not implied) but it doesn't really get acted on besides some maniacal planning and occasional self gloating. But then Twyla was the murderer of the previous student who occupied our dorm, thing is that also felt swept under the rug by the twist surrounding our actual intentions, and then Twyla's motive isn't even revealed in the slightest and her character development doesn't seem to apply any agenda or "doing it for the lolz" kinda thing. Plus she doesn't feel unhinged enough to not have a reason. Basically each path that culminates into the end of the game is seemingly roadblocked before it can actually properly end. It felt a bit confusing and unresolved.

Although I do think this is partially mitigated by the characters, each of their arcs having an "ending" sort of counteracts how weird the actual ending is. And in a way each of them being presented at a drastically different quality sort of makes sense in emphasizing how strong they would be as actual friends. For example Crowven's path kinda sucks, but it makes sense because he can be a bit of a sucky friend. But Theo's path really surprised me because deep down he has a lot more depth to his character.

So yeah basically by the end I was wishing I could just stay friends with everyone and was kind of let down by how it actually ended, because of how much fun I had getting there.
This is really the biggest example of "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey" that I've seen in gaming in general. 7/10.


played this game a few weeks back and loved every second of it! i especially loved the twist at the end and the characters are very well created :)) 


I just finished this game and i love it so much, ive been playing it since like Twyla and the Intermission chapters came out and ive been streaming it too, and i loved it so much, i am wondering if maybe the secret chapter could possibly cause a secret ending? considering most of arcadekitten's games have multiple endings, so it feels weird that it only has one ending


The art look's good, the presentation is well made. But that's all this is. There is no substance and nothing really unique. Infact this vn makes an active effort to be as opposite to unique as possible.

Based on the other comments I know that what I have said will upset people, that's fine you can hate on me all you want.

Chef's kiss.

Made me have a heartbreak when the game had to end. Also the horror element was very...very unexpected even though I know what type of games you make. :')

Here's the last part of the series I made on this game :))



i loved the game but the night before chapter absolutely broke my heart..... i was hoping for a cute game where you can choose your partner at the end cuz i absolutely loved theo, crowven, vasilis, zapara and jaxter and i was hoping i could get with theo or zapara or jaxter (cuz crowven and vasilis were so adorable together!!) and the game just ended like that.... that was a very unexpected twist but i loved it anyway!!! the characters were so cute, i loved the lil pride flags they had, the frog prince was the cutest<33 like one of the commenters said i would love to see a version where the character is not evil but i still very much enjoyed the game<3

(4 edits) (+1)

i really did love this!! especially Theo i loved him so much! the cute pet name too!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Spoiler maybe??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

if there are any other endings instead of being killed i will try to find it! and i love how at the end it was like i was interested in Twyla since she said she had no heart i also loved how i realized the librarian was out mom i definitely didnt expect that!!!!

(4 edits) (+1)(-1)

The game is quite interesting. I started playing it as soon as I ended playing Cemetery Mary (by the way, I recommend this game as well). But it seemed to me that the plot there is a little different from what I played in that game. Maybe it was done on purpose.. Okay, not the point

I will add from myself only that Crowven and Theo are simply the best :D



The ending surprised me and made me a little sad at the same time.. I don't know, I expected anything, but not Twyla, who took me to the forest and wanted to kill me" :). Although from the game that I played first, I expected such an attack from her..


Spoiler / complaint


are you kidding me i was hoping earlier in the game that we would get to a kissing scene or something but when i got to second to last episode, omg i was hoping for what was i planned to do to not work, im glad our character was murdered after i learned she was EVIL AAHHHH i want a version where we arnt evil and there is a kiss scene im just baffled, 7/10

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