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This game was delightful. It was short but it certainly did its job warming my heart. Thank you!!!

This is one of the best games I've ever played! A clear 10/10 game!

haha fancy font, but i have to admit.. i havent finished this yet. but from what ive played i have been HIT by the semi-aquatic semi-truck of MAD storytelling. the character designs.. the DESIGNS i cannot theyre all so PRETTY!!!!! i cant say much because im not done with it but i 100% will come back when i have for my full review

Can you add it on Android?


Congrats on finishing this! This was a lovely little story with an enjoyable cast (though the finale could have been much better-executed) and I look forward to your next creation.


I loved this story and my favorite quick joke was Savannah briefly popping up while blushing in the background when Pogo and Clyde were flirting with Capella.


Day 5!!! Finally returned to continue the game :3c

Day 6...
A secret, is revealed...
Well more secret at least

And we have reached the end!

Now I will proceed to give a bit of a spoiler so yeah don't read further lol

The ending was an interesting twist, with how we see the end of everything through the father's eyes and harming and threatening the character we've been making friends with and even chasing Capella the main protagonist, it is a very interesting ethical experience. Especially how we die while seeing Capella and everyone just celebrating over it. A very interesting perspective that brings us to experience a miserable end of a scumbag.

However, I feel that the ending was rather a too quick wrap-up with how some things just seem to be hanging. But overall it's nice.


I played this game all in a day, doing homework for a bit between each of the chapters. I really enjoyed it, and it helped keep my energy up to keep working.

//mild spoilers for ending?

(also unrelated note, but my younger sibling looked over my shoulder at the ending and called Capella a Vaporeon)


I just finished this game with my friends and it's so amazing! I love your games so much. I'm FLABBERGASTED that I don't see more people talking about it! Your characters and stories never fail to amaze me. Such a great game. 10/10.

does anyone know how to unlock the secret chapter? i can't figure it out

Deleted 99 days ago

Are there a bunch of different endings or just the one? (Not counting who was

stabbed, having to recover from that

Just the one! (Thank you for playing!)

Oh thank god. After HFSH I was worried that somehow everyone will end up dead or something


Sorry, but did I just see female Lambchop? O-o

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if you fail your friendships, will you get a different ending? Or just won't be able to unlock the next chapter?

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Capricornella ♑❤


I can't believe it's over! God I loved this story so much, I could watch these characters just live their circus lives forever. Capella is one of my favourite protagonists ever and every member of the circus is wonderful (still ship Capella and Savannah so hard). The ending was absolutely perfect, it was the exact ending I wanted and felt so satisfying. Would love to see more of these characters (especially with what was said in the secret chapter) but I adore Semiquatic Circus and love it. You never fail to create incredible experiences with every game you make, thank you so much for bringing such great games into my life. 





What in the gosh darn name

of the goat

is butthurt meannnnnn???


I think you should put more points in dodging!

Episode 3!

Sometimes the real terror are not the scary clowns... But the silly goat...


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is the game still not finished?🤔 status is "released"...


Still in development. I'll change that now

Hello, i have ran into a problem, after finishing route 2 i was starting route 3 and it keeps telling me i need to finish the route before before i start a new route, im not really sure what has happened, i played the prologue and route 1 & 2 no problem, but i cannot play route 3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it is still telling me that. I have no idea what else to do :/

If all available days are showing (up to Day 5 Part 2), then all i can offer is redownloading again! (perhaps overwriting the file in the process). Otherwise, you might have to wait until the next chapter update since it is production. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I can wait for an update, thank you!

day five was so… GEAAAH CAPELLA NOO

Deleted 180 days ago

I deleted my own persistent data and replayed the game again, and everything is working as intended.

All I can say is to try re-downloading the file again, but I'm unsure of the problem you're having and am not sure how I'll be able to help.

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Ok thanks! Edit: So I feel a bit dumb because I now know why I could not get to day 3 because I was picking the wrong relpy options when talking to the characters and not gaining enough affection I should of realized that (With not seeing the route complete icon and the hints at the end) so I deleted my earlier comments.

Anyway great game!

Day five part two was amazing I've been waiting for this for forever and I'm so happy I've already played it and now I have peace cause no cliffhanger. :) It was amazing!

Day 5 did not disappoint! "Furnando"-- what a great name. Another excellent episode, keep it up!

please fix this bug.

I just updated the game with a potential fix. Please redownload, play through Day 4 again, and then try accessing Day 5!

He tells me to complete the route since I have already completed them all

I think Clyde's gotta be my new favorite!!

hey day four won't show up for me :[


Did you redownload the file?

yea i did and it works now!! thank you x3

i cant get to day 4

Day 4 isn't out yet. This game releases in chapters.

ok thank you and i love all of your games

i somehow can't access day 2 despite reaching "route complete" on day 1 and prologue.

Thank you for alerting me! I'll look into this

Just updated the game, try re-downloading it! If the issue persists, let me know !

the update solved the problem, thanks.

Nice to get some more story on Savannah!


Can't help but read Pogo Gogo's lines in a Joey Diaz voice for some reason


Can't wait for the next chapter

I love everything about this game,i really love the character designs for the characters and i cant wait for more updates about the game!

Everything about this is great: the music choices, circus theme, the characters, the artwork... Really loving the episodic nature of it too. Great work!

only 2 thingys but i want to play more and want more updates -your biggest fan

I know this is a friend-sim but that won't stop me from shipping Capella and Pogo
(this game is super good so far!!!)

I just played this game a few days ago and THIS IS INCREDABLE!! I found your content about 2 years back on kbh games and played, It's Not Me, It's My Basement and I LOVED IT!!!! I am so excited for the following updates and I can't wait to see more of your work! :D

Can. can I platonically and kindly give Pogo a kiss on their forehead?? :>

I can't believe I missed this for a week, but I love it! You never fail to get me invested, this world already has me hooked. I adore the new roster of characters, fabulous designs as always (love the blinking animation, it's a small touch but it makes them come alive). Really looking forward to seeing how their routes develop (eagerly waiting for Savannah's route because I'm already in love with her). Pogo's route was delightful, such a fun character and I think the perfect choice to get us used to Capella's personality as well, the two have great chemistry. Capella is a really interesting protagonist, she's just so earnest and her reasons for running away already have me curious. Everything about this is great, it's so short and you've already done so much to make me love this setting. Can't wait to see new routes get released and see how the story develops. 

P.S. Netina on a date to the circus! That's such a cute cameo, I wonder if anyone else will make a surprise appearance. 

Hi! I just wanna say I really liked the first two chapters, but I'm having a bit of a problem with the game. It just gets... really laggy after a while. I don't think it's anything on my part, 'cause all of your other games play just fine, and the problem goes away for a bit when I close the game and open it again. Do you know why this could be happening?

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