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i tried downloading this, It's Not Me, It's My Basement, Sweet No Death and other games but none will work on my mac, and i dont know how to solve it, i know you're supposed to click on this nwjs folder, and i dont know how that works

This was really cute and fun!

FR Version Pls


Even though it was short, I still found it fun! I can't wait for your next project! 😁

Stay safe and Good luck! 

Do you plan on doing comms in the future I'd like to do one since your art style is both cute and amazing

btw my username was the result of a dare

right.. first.. jaxter what are you doing here!! This game was so cute to play and i love how youre sort of extending the familys of characters. i expected to see viper in this but got wacked with that jax scene!!!!!! the art in your games never fails to impress me

All Arcadekitten games are amazing omg



I loved it! Kinda sad it was so short but it was really fun!


Um... Jax.. Buddy, what have you been doing? :I



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uhm... isnt she a bit young to have any liquor? LOL

haha,you are right!

This game should be fun to play, but i wish it can be available for android :(

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This game was so perfectly honed-in on the sugary sweet vibe that I honest to God thought the true ending was gonna be her getting a tummy ache, 10 stars

tposing into my microwave

A very enjoyable game. I loved the visuals and music, it definitely gave it a very cutesy vibe, which made the little horror element a bit of a surprise. 

good game! but I'm suck on getting the true ending. I collected the candy in the box, the gumdrop nose, cookies, pie, pepper mints by the jar, and the 2 candy canes, then chocolate coin, gingerbread, and the chocolate in the heart. But for me it says 10 instead of 11 if someone can tell me that last treat, of if this is just a bug, please let me know <3


There's cookies in the display case too !


What a fun game! The art is cute, the story just spooky enough, and the time to play it was simple and short. I recommend trying it yourself!


I Loved it, It is a Cute and Innocent game


babe wake up new arcadekitten game just dropped (im 17 days late but whatever)


This is such an adorable game , I love it!

so freaking cute!!! but cant believe the endings!


10/10 but now I need to know why the end tho. 

I feel like a red panda/arctic fox getting a treat held in front of them out of reach.

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I genuinely want to know if something happened to the insomniac hall patrolling teachers pet or if this is just a different interpretation and/or if this basically a playable teaser of something big. On another note, i'd die for Fia.

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In linux version game didn’t lanuch


ok then how to lanuch

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Go to the website, download the version for linux. Inside the tar.gz will be a folder. Overwrite the contents of that folder into the main game directory, then launch with or directly via the file 'nw'.

Also do note this works for any game that uses nw

thanks, brother but i download windows version and played already.

This was such a cute little game wish there was more though! i wanna learn more about the family!

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Awww, cute little game! :3

I had a great time playing this game.


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I had a great time with this game! It did feel a little bit too short but it was still engaging! I was honestly hoping for some more lore about the characters! A neat game to play! Keep up the good work! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

I enjoyed this! Was able to get all the endings after playing myself

nice little game :) liked the characters, hope to see more of them soon ^^ (i have'nt played semiaquatic circus yet, so srry if they did!)

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Really enjoyed this one! A scavenger hunt in a RPG maker game is a pretty unique and cute idea. Video has all endings

so when you just go to bed with no candies it's one of the endings?

there's a small bug - if you interact with this tile from the other side, it turns to you i guess:>

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I didn't get the true ending!! Now I am going to replay it I to get the True ending, loved the other 2 though, as always one of my favorites 😁

What an innocent and sweet child Fia is! I am worried about Fia's cavities!

The blood scene was quite exciting and the true ending was quite shocking and funny, meow!

Short but cute game! Thanks for making this it was fun! Have a good day and best of luck on your future stuff! Video has all endings too btw

took a while but got everything in the end

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Hello can anyone help? I only found nine candies, they were at the box, smaller snowman, the candy cane on the big tree, the chocolate box, the cookie bowl, pie, the gingerbread man at the candy shop, the candycane at the candy shop and the chocolate coin.  And I can't find the others 

nevermind found them all! the true ending made my smile drop

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