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But woah... I mean on the topic of Reginald he's just so- mysterious? I mean I feel like the next game arcadekitten might make COULD be about him, but that's just because of all the loose ends they left about him!

Questions like how long was Reggie stalking Mary? Why? And who was he with, in his friend in the old picture frame? What happened to the friend, and why was he obsessed with Mary to the point of murder?! 

Honestly I'm so invested in the game I snatched every ending. And all those eyes and black stuff in his route... did he make a wish or something? Reginald, hello? Did you do black magic or smthing like holy shit????

I can't hate him with how he's equally saved our ass in the true endings, but anyways, great story, amazing visuals, and I loved it! Thanks for the amazing game!


I will say that his friend in the picture frame is just a character that belongs to a friend of mine. And we like to draw them together a lot because we're friends! XD So I wouldn't think too deep into it, it's just a friend thing :) Thank you so much though for playing the game, I'm happy you enjoyed it!! <3

OH LOL, WHOOPS. But yeah!!! Thank you for that clear up. I can't see how I wouldn't enjoy this game, and thank you for making it!

I got the "See You On Mars" ending. Oh brother. I'm gonna try to get the other two tomorrow, truly such a fantastic game<3 But Ik there's more to see so I can't fully speak yet oho.


Genuinely one of the best and most original things I have read in recent memory. Admittedly, the cutesy art style made me a little skeptical going into things, but your storytelling has an emotional maturity to it that I didn't expect. Plus I've never seen a character quite like Mary in any medium before, visual novels or otherwise. 

Crowven's route was probably my favorite one in terms of story, just for how well it deals with the subject of grief. But Reginald hits all my niche interests in a character, so I'd say he's my favorite part of the game overall. I will say that I think he could've been worked into the main plotline better, and that both of his endings feel pretty abrupt; he almost gets a stronger send-off in Twyla's good ending than in his own route. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure if my true end save file branched off of Crowven's route or Reggie's, so maybe I missed a couple of Reggie scenes that would explain the mysteries around him better? He only appeared once in that playthrough.) Regardless, if you ever made a follow-up game with him, I honestly would love to hear more of his story.

This is so kind of you, thank you so much!! <3 Comments like these really mean a lot to me, more than words can say! :')
I'm actually working on a game right now (Blackout Hospital) that features him as a main character, so his story is definitely continuing! I post about it a bit on my twitter(arcadekitt3n) and instagram(arcadekitten) if you want to follow along on its progress!

No problem, you totally deserve the praise! Glad to be of any service in any way I can. I'm a writing person myself, so I always try to give people usable feedback on their stories.

You know, the first thing I did after finishing this game was to find your Tumblr. I'm actually the person who asked about the control system for Blackout Hospital. Hopefully I can fix my keyboard before the game's release. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to following its progress. The art alone looks very promising.

P.S. If you ever want a proofreader for your game scripts, let me know. That's kind of my profession ;)

I'm in love with this game but unfortunately I've got all the endings including the true ending and I'm at a lost 😭 I will definately play this masterpiece again in near future  ❀


I am obsessed! Still trying to find the real ending tho...


this game is absolutely amazing its a work of art i am so glad i decided to dowload it! the story is incredible! though i wish it had a bit more music wise, otherwise its great! 

This game is incredible. I can't recommend it enough!

The question now is: Is blackout hospital a sequel or a prequel

neither, it takes place in a different universe


this game has me up until 3am plus why did you have to make crowven so hot

Part: 3

This game is keeping me on my toes. I think it's a typical murder/teenage drama one second, and the next it's anything but!! 

It's so good even if I hated on Crowvens friends through almost half of this episode🀣

I thought I could get an ending in this one but I can't seem to find the end! Can't wait to play more!!😁

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! πŸ‘

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may u make a game with a good end i dont know if u done one yet and im asking in case ok???????????

Cemetery mary and crowscare both have good ends?


Yes, there is good endings but you need to select the right answer (I'm assuming you can't get the true ending either) arcadekitten posted a guides on how to get the good and true endings

LINK: Good End/True End Guide

Hope it helped

I loved this game so much, i normally am bored out of my mind playing these sorts of games but i fell in love with the story and art style, i couldnt put it down until i got a ending. Thank you so much for making it.

Part 2:

I finally came back to this game, and gotta say so far I'm glad I came back. It's SO good. 

*Little Spoiler:

I am so happy that Crowven is reaching out again!! Even if just a little! They're so cute, but so far I'm not sure what is really happening. So Can't wait to find out more in the next one!!

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! πŸ‘

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This game truly moved me. From the art, to the characters, to the storyline, just everything! I have never played something like this before, I was so moved by this game. All the routes were amazing and I could feel a connection to the characters, this will always be one of my all time favourite games now. Honestly, you've done an amazing job on this.


how am i only able to get bad endings

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thanks to the guide i got the good endings and the true ending. oh my god i loved this game. absolutely fantastic. i fell in love with all of the character in their own little way, even if i did also hate (some of) them for other things. LOVED the designs, too!! all the art was really nice. really appreciated some of the more ambitious shots with odd angles/perspectives a lot!! the colors and expressions really helped to direct the mood of everything so nicely. ahh, makes me want to try my hand at renpy… but i'm not good with staying motivated with things. maybe i should really try, though.


i love this game sm 

its my comfort game literally therapy

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WOW...I'm so glad I decided to click on this game. I loved this so much it's actually so much more interesting than I thought it would be, there was lots of amazing art and even better storylines! I loved all the characters (except Twyla but her design was cool)! I was truly starstruck by the true ending I would have never expected it. I hope I can continue to enjoy your games!!! I've already played one of them, 'Here for Sweethearts' and I see it features some of the characters. Thank you for making amazing games<3  (I'd also like to mention I think Crowven is one of my favorites in this game)


i have never left a comment when i played games but cemetery mary was breath taking really ive never been this into a game before and it was so worth it to spend hours on this the i was so engrossed in the story and nearly cried a few times during the emotional scenes im so glad i played this game and you did an amazing game on this visual nove

This is so kind of you and means so much to me, thank you so very much!! <3

Why yes, cemeteries are wonderful.



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I haven't played much of this game yet, I'm pacing myself. But goddamn, this is awesome!

Edit: My editor goofed and I had to reupload so I came to fix the link as well.

Part 2 as requested by popular demand!

Part 3, let's go!


Part 4 and I am loving this!


I am so glad you are!! <3

Part 5 and you know this game is too good for words!

Part 6, was a blast recording this!


will there be a continuation of this game? hence the end of the true ending?


Characters in this game are going to reappear as major characters in other projects, but no direct sequel is planned for this game. Thank you!! <3

i think there is a discord server of Cemetery Mary, but i can't find it:C


Love love LOVE everything about this game; it had me hooked on every choice, twist and ending and I couldn't get enough of the characters. I suspected Reginald to be too nice from the beginning but watching him completely switch and betray Mary was heart-breaking. You really feel for the main girl, making you attached and determined to get her a happy ending. The art is so unique and pleasant to look at, making the creepy moments stand out even more! This is one game that I'll be going back to more than once.

This game was absoloutely amaing, I cant wait to see more from you




this game... is a pure piece of magnificence. the endings have me literally sobbing... i cant explain how much of a roller coaster this game is


This was an amazing game. The characters had me invested, the story is just phenomenal, and to wrap it all up, the art style is amazing. I've only gotten through Crowven's ending but I will definitly being going through Reginal's as well, especially with his obscurity in the Crowven ending. Overall: 10/10, would recommend 


I absolutely loved this game! I've seen it a few times in my recommended, and today I finally decided to give it a try. All I can say is I wish I would have played it sooner! Crowven and Mary's relationship had to be my favorite, I can't lie when I say I felt myself tearing up a little (more than a few times). The art is so pleasant to look at, and the world-building was done really well! Great job, I'm looking forward to any and all future projects :)


This game broke my heart! Such a tragic story but so well-written. The characters are wonderful (well... most of them). This game really gets you hooked. It might take hours to play, but it's worth every minute!


i got the bad ending 


Cool Fun Game


One word to describe it all : AMAZNG 


Despite Reggie's warnings to not do so, I've looked into and decoded the inscriptions. [Spoilers Abound in link]

Part 1:

I finally got to this game!! I dedicated myself to recording every game you made. I just love your stuff!! I already played It's not me it's my basement, Crowscare, Tricks n Treat!! I having a blast and can't wait to dive deeper into the story!! πŸ€©πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ€­

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