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great game!


My lord, scrolling through itchio and taking a look at random games that seemed interesting, I had no idea that I would come across a VN with as much impact as this. The writing was stellar (only a couple of errors, I think concentrated in Crowven's route), and accompanied by absolutely fantastic pacing, storytelling, and intrigue. Mary is a likeable, and an immediately sympathetic protagonist. Her relationship with Crowven really hit hard for me, as a sibling, and the dynamic between the pair was probably my favorite aspect of the game. The artstyle is incredibly charming, and the character designs were memorable (not to mention the little references to a connection between owls and Twyla, that I hope I wasn't imagining). 

The path towards the true ending completely blindsided me, but going back to play the game again, there were certainly hints peppered all throughout. The bad endings were appropriately heartbreaking, and although Twyla didn't come off as a likeable character for me (which is honestly in character) Reginald was sadistically charming and Crowven, as was aforementioned, is best boy. Their stories all ended with questions, which is so difficult on the one hand, but on the other, I am now absolutely playing every other project to figure out all the missing details.

Also, I know I already said the art was gorgeous, but the display of emotions was so well-done (and also the hairstyles, no clue how, but they all look perfect), I think I have like fifty screenshots from my favorite moments of the game. Which, aargh, was difficult to collect, because every moment is so near to being my favorite. 

Anyways, this game was extraordinarily lovely, and I cannot wait to get into the other related projects!! The journey is one I wouldn't have missed for the world. 

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Oh my goodness, this comment means the absolute world to me! I had to like, take a step back from my computer after reading it--I felt so flattered! Thank you so very much for playing and enjoying the game. Your thoughts mean so much to me and they made me so happy to read through. 

I don't know what else to say, but I know this is definitely one of those comments I'm going to come back to read if I'm ever feeling discouraged or glum. Thank you so much again for your support, for playing and sharing your thoughts with me! It means so much more to me then you could ever know <3

EDIT: OH! Yes!! Twyla is an owl, hehe! Very perceptive! <3 And I'm glad the true ending made you feel that way! It was what I was intending--something that feels shocking but when you think back on it, starts to make a little more sense. I can't wait to explore some of the unanswered questions through future projects of mine and I hope you'll be there for the ride! Thank you so much again! <3


Aw, it's always a joy when something I say helps somebody else out! There's a special sort of game that's always tough to leave behind once it's finished, and leaving a comment just talking about everything great therein, especially when it's a hidden gem like Cemetery Mary, is always a good way to process a story that's ended, I feel. Another thing I forgot to mention was the voices- each character's style of speech is so unique, and it was really fun trying to discern who owned the mystery number by speech patterns. Up until Ovidius (and I absolutely adored his character) popped up, that is. 

And, just as a finishing note, thank you for developing and putting out this game in the first place. It's these sorts of stories that are just so inspiring that they make you want to go out and write a VN of your own. I'm so glad I played Cemetery Mary, and I'm even more glad the comment I left was able to bring a smile!!

Oh hey, I discovered this game thanks to INMIMB (an Amazing game!) and wow, I think i just found one of my fav visual novels so far, Im just enjoying everything so much, the story, the characters, the art (Mary uwu), thats even more amazing that you made it all by yourself aaa tysm for releasing this masterpiece (I still have to get the true ending somehow though -w-) Also I Saw on your Twitter that you were going to make a New game with some of CM's characters, is it going to be a sequel to CM ? + Do you have any discord server related to you/your games ?

Anyways keep going youre doing really great with your games good Luck in making them :)))

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! :'D Comments like this mean the absolute world to me, I'm so glad to see you're enjoying it! (I've also got walkthroughs in the dev logs if you ever need them ;)  ) Thank YOU so much for playing!! It's like a hug to my heart! <3

Yes, I am making a game with some of the characters! I like to describe the two games as being "separate but connected", if that suffices for an answer. :') Not necessarily a sequel but definitely connected! 

I also do not have a Discord server as I wouldn't want to be responsible for handling/moderating it. However, I'm fine if others want to make Discords to discuss my games or anything like that!

Thank you so much for this comment, I'll be thinking of it all day! I hope I can continue making games that you'll enjoy, thank you so much! <3

Oh you're welcome, you desserve these compliments a 100 times, I just completed the whole game 100% and yeah that was an amazing trip :)) I cant wait for the next game, and I'm sure it'll be as great as the others, thank you very much for everything, wish you well in the future but most importantly have a great day ! :)))

is there somewhere I could find the whole soundtrack

Cemetery Mary's music and sounds are all free-to-use assets that come from various places around the web and are credited after the true ending! So unfortunately, there is no "soundtrack" to find. Apologies!

ok thank you, and I am really enjoying your game and am on my way to find the true ending. I can't wait to see what other game you release in the future

Thank you so much! :D

I loved this game!!!! My first route was crowven and i immediately went to play the other routes after!! I do have a question about Reginald though. His route ended up giving more questions then answers in my opinion (not in a bad way i think it made him even  more mysterious) and especially after the true ending i have to ask if we are going to be left in a cliffhanger for him or are there going to be continuation games that answer these questions in the future? Will Cemetery Mary be a series??

I'm so happy you like the game so much! <3 Yes haha, Reginald will return in future projects and the mysteries in his route are planned to be explained/explored through these future projects :-) They may not be *direct* sequels to Cemetery Mary but connections and a continuation of these sorts of mysteries is planned !

how old are the characters espesically theo

The main characters are all at least young adult age in this game! :-)

okey thank you


Bro this game was just straight up amazing. Everything, from the characters to the choices to the plot itself. It all just blew me away by how... awesome it was. To think one person made this (from what I've seen) is just... wow. 12/10


Thank you so much!! :'D I am the solo dev, so to hear you enjoyed the game so much is so SO wonderful to hear! Thank you, it means the world to me! <3


Screwy says:
"Eat more screws!"

I played through the game and I enjoyed the story. You did a good job with making a suspenseful story with many twist and turns.

I finished it yesterday and wow. The true ending got me theorizing like crazy. Oh I love Crowven so so much!! And Reginald is so interesting! I can't wait to see what's next

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the bad end is pretty sad

I'm trying to boot the application up but it just added a "log" text file, I'm not sure if this is either me or my computer doing something wrong (I opened the zip file to a drive and clicked on the application) or if it's something to do with the file itself (I'm on windows if that helps), thanks in advance!

Hi! I don't think I've ever heard of this error before? Could it be because you opened the zip file to a drive? Maybe it needs to be properly extracted somewhere? I'll look into this issue more if you're still having trouble, but I've never encountered this issue before! 

got it! I'm currently cleaning up my other drive and i'll report what happens when i'm done

Unfortunatly nothing has changed even when I moved drives

I just got my first ending and it's a bad ending. I want to straight up watch the ending in YouTube, but if I do that I won't understand the secret behind each of these characters! That's what makes me love this game. Almost every game will multiple ending, I just google them. But this game, I need to find the ending myself. This what makes this game my fav for 2021.

btw, the reason I play this game is because a youtuber named Bijuu Mike playing a game called "its not me its my basement". So, I try to see what other games you created. So, I really looking forward what games you'll be making next <3

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Hi, i am interested in the game, i just want to ask a kind of a weird question, What is the age rating for the game ?, idk just wonder, i haven’t played the game yet, but i can tell this is such a master peace

I am not sure to be honest! If I had to rate it anything maybe R-15 because of some of the content featured on the warning page? Even then, it's pretty tame in the stuff listed for warning! 

Okay, Thanks

Umm, I finished the game (left an epic review) through the true ending. I'm still veryy confused on all the Reginald stuff. Has it been revealed or is it still a secret?

Still a secret! Reginald is a character I have big plans for and I plan for him to return in future projects to tie into more of his secrets. Thank you so much for enjoying the game! <3

I watched Manlybadasshero play through your other game last week and liked it so much I picked up this game to play for myself. I was super into it and played through all of the routes! I actually teared up a few times during Crowven's route and I'm very interested in figuring out some of the mysteries left (there's clearly a lot going with Reginald). Love your art style, too. The characters are adorable.

I've taken the time to try and decode the "inscriptions" found in Reginald's route. I thought it looked like pigpen, but it didn't seem to be and I didn't find a cypher that matched all of the symbols, did you make it up yourself? Is it alright of I post here what I think is written?

I'm so glad you like it so much, oh my gosh! :D

Yes, I did make up the language myself! And I'd love to see your decipherings of it! Maybe just put a potential spoiler warning at the beginning of the comment? :0 But I would love to see!



Alrighty then!

So I think there are four images in total that contain these messages. It's certainly possible I missed some though! Anyway, I believe the mystery grave says something like: "Rest in pain, forever missing" (I was expecting there to be a name on the grave, it's kind of interesting that Mary calls this person a "they" and Reginald calls them a "him", though,  is that intentional?).

After the argument with Twyla, when Mary hides behind a trashcan in an alley. I think the graffiti says something like: "Silly girl".

When Mary runs away from Reginald in his apartment complex, I believe the tags on the doors say "Run".

And lastly, I dont really know what the word in the creepy manga is supposed to be. My closest guess would probably be "Wised", but I'm not so sure. Maybe it's a name?


Wow, you translated them pretty well I'd say! I'm impressed! :D Except for the manga one--just a bit off! But you're close, I think! 

And as for the grave...hehe. Maybe it's a bit intentional! ;-) I do intend for some of these characters to reappear in future projects, though! So maybe the puzzle will begin to reveal itself more and more as that happens.

I feel so flattered you enjoyed the game enough to want to decipher the codes! Thank you so much for playing, I hope you'll stick around for future projects too!<3


I'm sorry if this sounds weird but can I have their ages? I write fanfiction and well the characters are just too cute and the plot is just too amazing! I won't if you don't want me to tho! I'm can't wait to cosplay them!

Omg, I'm so happy you like them so much! :D I don't really have canon ages for them, but I can say that all the main characters are at least young adult age or older! So it's like, semi-up-to-interpretation? I think I'd only be uncomfortable with fic if it was NSFW, thank you for asking if it was okay to write fic! :-) And I hope you'll share your cosplay somewhere too, I'd love to see!<3


Thanks! I don't write NSFW. I tried looking everywhere I could and no one cosplayed them?!?! there so fricken cute! I just started today and I'm already obsessed. anyways thank you again!


I haven’t played this quite yet, but it looks so cute! imma download it sometimes today C:

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I found this game randomly and decided to give it a try. Honestly this game was just amazing! I loved it so much!!! Wayyy too underrated :D I would even like to donate but i can't :( but ty for making this game, it was really fun and interesting! <3 And the fact that this is free is really nice!

This story is so good! 

I can't believe how much content there is, especially with it being free; I loved replaying to get all the different routes and that true ending was not what I expected at all. All of the characters were written so well, Mary in particular was such an adorable and endearing protagonist. I really admire her perspective on cemetaries and I felt bad for all the things that happened to her; just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything was going to be all right. Crowven's route was probably my favourite, the bond between him and Mary was so sweet and it was great seeing them work through their issues. Reginald's route was definitely the creepiest (still left me with some questions) and Twyla's route had such an intriguing sense of mystery (as well as those spectacular eyebrows). Still in love with you artstyle, and I've never seen a visual novel use so many animations; they really add to the emotional weight of the scenes. 

Playing Cemetary Mary was such a wonderful experience, I'm utterly in love with it.  


Oh gosh, thank you so much! :D I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I put so much work into this project, so to read comments like these sends me over the moon! Thank you so very much! <3


This game is great and definitely worth at least $5-10 even though it's free! I love the high amount of choices, the mystery, the writing and the art! But I don't have a job so instead I spent like half the day trying to make this game a VNDB page so maybe 1 of the 500 active users will see it and be inspired to play. But I think the popularity will really explode once Manly Badass Hero plays it!


Oh my goodness, seeing the page you made actually made me jump in the air for joy! I'm so happy to see you liked it so much! :D Thank you so much, this made my whole day and put a big smile on my face!! 

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Such a great, cute, profound gem of a game. I still have to do more of the routes to get the full picture but the first playthrough had quite the impact on me already (even made me tear up). The art and character style has so much personality to it! (just looking at it I can tell: "yep, that's an arcadekitten game!")

Wish there was a Mary doll or plush with optional grave and tombstone haha (might have to do that myself!).

Thank you for the game!

Thank YOU so much for this comment! Seriously, comments like these mean the absolute world to me and I read them over and over and over again...I'm so glad you're enjoying the game so much, and hearing you had such an emotional response makes me so happy! :D I don't know if the game will ever be popular enough for a Mary plush, but who knows! Maybe one day in the future I can find a way to make that happen!<3 Thank you so much again! 

I played this game in August last and it's STILL on my mind, I wanted to say this is just one of those pieces of media you don't forget easily. Thank you for making this, I absolutely love it to pieces and hope more people find it eventually. :)

Oh gosh, thank you so much!! This comment just made my whole night, this is so sweet of you--thank you!! :'D

This was bloody amazing. Likeable characters, amazing plot- the story is told beautifully from what I've seen. I've only done Crowven's route (good ending and true ending) and it was absolutely amazing. I'm already recommending this to all of my friends. Brilliant. Just a brilliant game. I can't wait to explore every ending 

Oh my goodness, this comment could make me cry! I'm so happy to hear you've enjoyed it--it makes all the work I put into it feel worth it! Thank you for sharing this with me, I hope you enjoy the other routes just as much, thank you!<3


I love the game and I'm having so much fun I even uploaded the first episode on my yt channel and for anyone reading the comments to see if the game is any good I HIGHLY reccomend it.

YT link


Played awhile ago but GOSH do I love every single character in this game! I've always loved horror and the personalities in this story just made me fell in love with this game so much. I didn't think much about it at first but after getting the hang of things and everything started to unfold, I was hook, line and sinker! I LOVED Crowven and Reggie's story also stuck with me for the longest time. 


Oh goodness, thank you so much! :D Comments like this really make my day and made me glad I made this game, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!<3

It's been weeks since I finished the game but some of the settings and characters (Mary and Reggie made a big impression on me) just really stuck with me and I had to leave a comment. I played through the different endings in the course of a few evenings and did my best to get every single bit of dialogue because I was having such a good time I didn't want to miss anything. I look forward to seeing any future projects! 

Hearing that my characters left such an impact on you means so much to me! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you so much!! :D I hope my future projects can have a similar effect!

This game is just awesome! I got a little obsessed with it and got all the endings in a couple of days (thanks for the guide btw :p). The art is great, and all the characters are really interesting! Especially Reggie, even if he's a little out there :D! 

Mary is the best though, she's such a pure cinnamon roll! Because of her the game felt really... sincere, I guess? Some scenes just made you want to hug her and tell her everything will be ok. After all the danger and loss Mary went through, the true ending gave a nice sense of closure. Like everything will be alright, even if it won't be the same.

I also loved the mystery, though even after the true ending some questions were left unanswered. (I think I understand what's happening with Reggie, but other stuff in his route was really confusing)

I hope that you'll show us more of this world in your future games!


Thank you so so much, I'm so happy to hear the game was an enjoyable experience! This comment means a lot to me, thank you! :') And yes, there are a few unanswered questions at the end--but that's the way I intended it! (Especially for Reggie...there's some things involving him I plan to get to, hehe... ; ) ) But I'd also like for people to interpret some of the mysteries unanswered themselves, as they can hypothesize and draw their own conclusions about what may have happened! I hope I can continue to share these characters/worlds/adventures, too!

Thank you so much!!<3

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Aaaa, I didn't expect that you'd reply so soon! :o

No, thank you for this wonderful game! It's criminal that so few people played it, you obviously put a ton of effort into it!

Oh, I understand that you wouldn't want to uncover everything, that would be boring! But at the same time I really want to see more of this world you created, you know? :s

I'd really love to see more Reggie! I know that he's no good, but he and Mary had such a good dynamic together. Could they one day meet again? :)

I really want to share my crazy theory about Reggie, but I guess I'll better do that in the endings guide, because spoilers!

Anyway, thank you again for this amazing experience, it really warmed my heart ♥

i'm in love with this game omg, the art is so smooth and gorgeous AAA THE PROTAGONIST IS HELLA CUTE AND SUCH A PRECIOUS BBY GIRL <33333333333333333 everything is so well done and relaxing, even if it's a tense game,, i just really love it. thank you for the wonderful game <33

Oh goodness, thank you so much! This comment is so lovely and kind! Thank you for playing and enjoying it! :')

this game is absolutely incredible, looking forward to whatever you plan next with it :]

Thank you so much!! :D I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! I've only finished 5 of the 7 endings but wowie that true ending...... a certain mysterious someone is my favorite character for sure. also! is there a cg gallery for the game? the art is so cool i love it!!

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying it, thank you so much! :D There is no in-game CG gallery, however all images can be accessed through the games images folder :-) I recommend completing all the endings before checking there, though, as you may run into spoilers!

I've played this game two day ago, but I must give a comment. Game was incredible journey of litte bit sad and surprise. I've played a Reggie's route and well... I love this character (<3) (ofcourse I love the other characters too) good job!

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! :-)

This game is beautiful and it had a nice atmosphere. The mystery is something I can not wait to figure out!

Absolutely beautiful. The art is amazingly well done, and camera angles always fit the scene. The looming sense of mystery is always hanging above, as to taunt you with secrets that will never be revealed to make you pondereven whats going on around you. Characters are extremely well done, and the sense of variety and that every little choice matters is perfectly placed. Amazing music choice, I can't help but tear up at the scene in Crowven's room after an event I can't say without spoiling some of the story. Beautiful game, thank you so much for this amazing experience. <3

aaaaa!! id been followin your progress on instagram and i hadnt noticed it was out!!! just played through it a few times and I absolutely adore it! also, hypothetically, if one makes fanart, where should it be posted to, if we are allowed to make fanart? <333

Oh goodness, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!<3 You are absolutely allowed to make fanart, and post it to where-ever you normally post art! You can also tag it as #cemeterymary and tag me in the picture as well, as I would love to see!

hy i really loved the game i want to know your insta so i can follow you for more amazing content of yours ♥ 

Thank you so much! My instagram is arcadekitten <3


I really like this game alot. The story is so interesting the hours just flew by.  I really wish there was a walkthrough though. It seems no matter what I do I keep getting all the bad endings for all the characters :(  And I still havent been able to get the true ending sigh...

Thank you so much! I may upload some walkthrough guides after a few more days, I'll just need to organize them first!

Hugs you are so awesome!! Thank you, thank you.  I really wanna see the other endings. I hope you make more games, your story writing is really good and you have such a unique idea with this story.  I totally loved it. 

This is so sweet, thank you so much!

Uwah~ this game is amazing~ never seen anything like this~

Thank you so much!!

Plz tell me there will be more~! Or that u will at least create other games in the future~

Absolutely! While I don't think Cemetery Mary will have a direct sequel, there are other games I am interested in making with some returning characters! Stay tuned!<3

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I really love this game but I can't seem to get the true ending. Could you give me some advice on how to get the ending??? Sorry a bit confused! 


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game!! I don't want to give away too much, but to get the True Ending, you may want to try befriending a certain person who always messages you...

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Thanks for telling me!

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